Attack Graphics Data

This data (6 bytes) gets copied to 7E/7AEA when loading the graphics for an animation (see C1/A18B).

Description Value
Base Offset (SNES) $D4D000
Block size $06
Number of blocks $28A
Total size $F3C
Byte Description
$00 $80 0 = 3bpp, 1 = 2bpp
$40 High bit of tile formation index
$3F Number of frames
$01 Tile formation index (at $D20000 for 3bpp graphics, $D2C000 for 2bpp)
$02-$03 Frame data index (pointer at $D4DF3C, data at $D10141)
$04 Frame width (in 16×16 tiles)
$05 Frame height
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