Operating System
Version0.99 beta
Release Date2012/04/07
Downloadyy-chr 0.99 beta english
Version.NET 0.99
Release Date2014/10/19
Downloadyy-chr .NET 0.99

YY-CHR is a CHR editor by a Japanese Mario hacker named YY. It's for multiple consoles and handhelds, and has more features than Tile Layer Pro. It is only availible for Windows in Borland C++ Builder 5.5 (Plain), or Visual Studio 2010 (.NET), for Linux Users: Try WINE (or Mono if using the .NET version). The C++ and .NET versions are similar, though the .NET version supports a few more formats out of the box. Also, it runs better in Windows 7 and more modern Windows versions. The C++ version has a selection tool not found in the .NET version.

If the C++ 0.99 version does not show English menus when opening the program, you need to rename the file “yychr.ENG” to the proper language extension matching your PC language, see the file “yychr_language.txt”.

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