Most of the test have been made on a (U) save file (.sav). The save file contains three save slots, a quicksave slot and some identifying save marks. A large portion of the file goes unused. The following table lists the data blocks of the save file including their hex offsets. Scroll down for the content of the blocks.

Offsets Description
$0000-$09FF Slot 1 data
$0A00-$13FF Slot 2 data
$1400-$1DFF Slot 3 data
$1E00-$1FFF Save marks
$2000-$23FF Data extension for slot 1
$2400-$27FF Data extension for slot 2
$2800-$2BFF Data extension for slot 3
$2C00-$2FFF Bestiary for slot 1
$3000-$33FF Bestiary for slot 2
$3400-$37FF Bestiary for slot 3
$3800-$5BFF Quicksave slot
$5C00-$FFFF Unused space - Filled with 0xFF

This block is the regular save data space and the first $1E00 bytes of the file are 3 blocks of $A00 bytes for the 3 save slots. They are mostly similar to SNES $1600-$1FFF: Save RAM.

Offsets Description
Character block (repeat 16 times)
$0000 Actor index
$0001 Graphic index
$0002-$0007 Name (A-Z $20-$39, a-z $3A-$53)
$0008 Level
$0009-$000A Current HP
$000B-$000C bbhhhhhh hhhhhhhh
b: hp boost (none, 25%, 50% , 12.5%)
h: max hp
$000D-$000E Current MP
$000F-$0010 bbmmmmmm mmmmmmmm
b: mp boost (none, 25%, 50% , 12.5%)
h: max mp
$0011-$0013 Current EXP
$0014 weicmpzd Status 1
w: wound
e: petrify
i: imp
c: invisible
m: magitek
p: poison
z: zombie
d: blind
$0015 fihcmlzr Status 4
f: float
i: interceptor
h: hide (?)
c: control (?)
m: trance (?)
l: reraise (?)
z: freeze (?)
r: rage (?)
$0016-$0019 Battle Commands
$001A Strength
$001B Speed
$001C Stamina
$001D Magic
$001E Esper
$001F Right Hand
$0020 Left Hand
$0021 Head
$0022 Body
$0023 Relic 1
$0024 Relic 2
End of character block
Roster (16 bytes. One byte per character.)
$0250-$025F verbbppp
v: Character is visible
e: Character is enabled
r: Battle Row (back row if set)
b: Battle Order (1-4)
p: Party (0: unassigned, 1-3: groups)
Generic Data
$0260-$0262 Gil
$0263 Hours
$0264 Minutes
$0265 Seconds
$0266-$0268 Steps
Ability Lists
$0269-$02A8 Character 1 known spells (57 spells + 7 empty slots, 1 byte per spell slot)
$02A9-$0568 Spells for the other 11 characters
$0569-$06F4 Seems empty. Probably leftovers from moving the item data to another location.
$06F5 Active group number. (Note! Different location in SNES version.)
$06F6 Trance bar/counter.
$06F7 Learned Bushido
$06F8-$0727 Legacy Japanese Bushido names from SNES (Static marks)
$0728 Learned Blitzes
$0729-$072B Learned Lores
$072C-$074B Learned Rages
$074C Learned Dances
Config Data
$074D-$07C6 Config Data block
$074D cmmmwbbb
c: command set (window/short)
m: message speed
w: battle mode (active/wait)
b: battle speed
$074E gcsrwwww
g: gauge
c: cursor
s: sound (removed)
r: re-equip
w: wallpaper (values 0-7 valid)
$074F - - - -4321 (removed)
4: player 2 control character 4
3: player 2 control character 3
2: player 2 control character 2
1: player 2 control character 1
$0750 aaaabbbb (removed)
a: A button mapping (0 = start, 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = X, 4 = Y, 5 = top L, 6 = top R, 7 = select)
b: B button mapping
$0751 xxxxyyyy (removed)
x: X button mapping
y: Y button mapping
$0752 llllrrrr (removed)
l: top L button mapping
r: top R button mapping
$0753 tttteeee (removed)
t: Start button mapping
e: Select button mapping
$0754 mbcccsss
m: controller 2 enabled (unused)
b: enable custom button config (unused)
c: Font/Window palette color selection (unused)
s: Magic order
$0755-$0756 Font color
$0757-$07C6 Window palettes/colors (8 palettes, 7 colors each)
$07C7-$07C8 Empty (SNES version had save counter here.)
Battle Events
$07C9-$07CE Seems empty
$07CF abcdefgh
a: if set, program compares current monster index with monster index at CF3780,X. if equal, monster index is changed to monster index at CF3782,X.
b-h: same as a
$07D0 - - - - - mtf
m: permanent trance (for Humbaba battle)
t: trance lasts twice as long (set after Humbaba battle)
f: magic only (Cultists' Tower)
$07D1 ztrbemsg
z: zone eater engulfed the party
t: timers are shown in menu and battle
r: ran out of time (before emperor's banquet)
b: ran away from previous battle
e: gained AP is displayed (espers have been acquired)
m: trance is available
s: enables scene with LOCKE and EDGAR if TERRA uses magic.
g: game over after battle ends
$07D2 - -ums-gd
u: LOCKE is wearing soldier uniform
m: LOCKE is wearing merchant clothes
s: SHADOW won't leave after battle
g: GAU has been obtained
d: DeathGaze has been defeated
$07D3-$07D4 DeathGaze's HP
$07D5 Battles Fought with Cursed Shield
$07D6-$07DC Seems empty
Field Data
$07DD-$081C Veldt Formations Available (64 bytes)
$081D-$083F Seems empty
$0840-$0863 Treasure Bits (indicates if chests have been collected)
$0864-$086F Empty treasure bits
$0870-$087F Seems empty. Leftover bytes from treasure bits.
$0880-$08DB Event bits
$08DC-$08DD Active party members in shops/menu
$08DE-$08DF Active party members in airship (last two bits are event bits.)
$08E0-$095F NPC event bits
Position data
$0960-$0961 Overworld XY Position
$0962-$0963 Airship XY Position
$0964-$0965 - -ddnzpm mmmmmmmm
d: facing direction
n: show map name
z: z-level
p: set destination as parent map
m: Current Map Index
$0966-$0967 Field XY Scroll Position (BG1)
$0968 Facing Direction (00:Up, 01:Right, 02:Down, 03:Left, parent facing direction if bit 7 set)
$0969-$096A Parent Map Index
$096B-$096C Parent XY Position
Other Data
$096D Random Number (RNG Seed for NPC walking direction.)
$096E-$096F Danger counter for random battles
$0970-$097F Saved Character Palette Indexes (for world map)
$0980 Current Song index
$0981-$09A0 Saved Object Map Indexes
$09A1 Step counter used as an RNG Seed in determining the next random encounter.
$09A2 Battle counter used as an RNG Seed in determining the monster formation.
$09A3 RNG salt for use with $09A2 (increments +23 when $09A2 goes over 255.)
$09A4 RNG salt for use with $09A1 (increments +17 when $09A1 goes over 255.)
$09A5 Veldt battle group number.
$09A6-$09A7 Pointer to Current Showing Character's Object Data
$09A8-$09BF Saved timer data (for 4 timers.)
$09A8 pfrm - - - -
p: Pause timer in menu and battle.
f: Timer is visible on field (timer 0 only).
r: End battle or exit menu if timer runs out.
m: Timer is visible in menu and battle (timer 0 only).
$09A9-$09AA Frame counter
$09AB-$09AD pointer to event code (+CA0000)
End of timer block
$09C0-$09C1 Party XY Map Position
Event Variables
$09C2-$09C3 Points from Narshe security checkpoint/Emperor's banquet
$09C4-$09C5 Narshe security checkpoint variable
$09C6-$09CD Empty
$09CE-$09CF Number of Dragons Left
$09D0-$09D1 Cid's Health/Pieces of Coral
More position data
$09D2 Parent facing direction (00:Up, 01:Right, 02:Down, 03:Left)
$09D3-$09F2 Character Saved XY Positions (2 bytes each)
$09F3-$09F6 Party Z Levels
$09F7-$09FD Empty
$09FE-09FF Slot data checksum (Sum 16 from $0000-$09FD)

This block contains various identifying save marks.

Offsets Description
$1E00-$1EFF Seems empty
$1F20 0x01: Game has been saved at least once.
$1F21-$1FEF Seems empty
$1FF0 Most Recently Saved Slot.
$1FF1-$1FF7 Seems empty
$1FF8-$1FFF FF6 static save mark: 0x1B, 0xE4, 0x1B, 0xE4, 0x1B, 0xE4, 0x1B, 0xE4

A block of data was added to the GBA port. Item inventory and Esper data were moved here when compared to the SNES version. The size of the block is 1024 bytes including a two byte checksum and it repeats three times for the three save slots.

Offsets Description
$2000-$2003 Current Espers
$2008 Autodash config setting 01:On 00:Off
$2009 Japanese version script selection 00: Hiragana 01: Kanji
$200A 01: Game has been marked as completed (a star appears next to the save slot when viewed from the loading screen).
$2010-$212F Current Items (288 slots; to get GBA specific items, 0x80 is added to the quantity.)
$2130-$224F Item Quantities
$2250-$225F GBA added event bits
2260-$23FB Seems Empty
$23FC-$23FD Static mark 0x47, 0x4D (Slot will appear as empty if not present.)
$23FE-$23FF Data extension checksum (Sum 16 + 1 from $2000-$23FD)

A bestiary was included in the GBA version and this block has its data. The size of the block is 1024 bytes including a two byte checksum and it repeats three times for the three save slots. For a monster to appear in the bestiary, it needs to be slain at least once in a victorious battle. Two bytes are used per monster: The lower 15-bits (0x7FFF) are the number of times the monster has been slain with valid values from 0 to 999 (inclusive); setting the upper bit (0x8000) clears the new entry flag. Total space is 1022/2 = 511 slots of which 384 are for pages visible in the game browser. The last two bytes hold the bestiary checksum.

Offsets Name Number
$2C00-$2C01 Guard 1
$2C02-$2C03 Imperial Soldier 37
$2C04-$2C05 Templar 38
$2C06-$2C07 Ninja 112
$2C08-$2C09 Samurai 205
$2C0A-$2C0B Borghese 143
$2C0C-$2C0D Magna Roader 84
$2C0E-$2C0F Yojimbo 239
$2C10-$2C11 Cloud 42
$2C12-$2C13 Misty 156
$2C14-$2C15 Al Jabr 206
$2C16-$2C17 Zaghrem 17
$2C18-$2C19 Apocrypha 108
$2C1A-$2C1B Dark Force 240
$2C1C-$2C1D Angel Whisper 43
$2C1E-$2C1F Oversoul 44
$2C20-$2C21 Skeletal Horror 147
$2C22-$2C23 Commander 25
$2C24-$2C25 Mu 16
$2C26-$2C27 Wererat 4
$2C28-$2C29 Mugbear 148
$2C2A-$2C2B Belmodar 14
$2C2C-$2C2D Muud Suud 241
$2C2E-$2C2F Leaf Bunny 7
$2C30-$2C31 Stray Cat 32
$2C32-$2C33 Silver Lobo 2
$2C34-$2C35 Unused
$2C36-$2C37 Megalodoth 3
$2C38-$2C39 Fidor 53
$2C3A-$2C3B Briareus 94
$2C3C-$2C3D Suriander 207
$2C3E-$2C3F Chimera 96
$2C40-$2C41 Behemoth 111
$2C42-$2C43 Fafnir 114
$2C44-$2C45 Lesser Lopros 21
$2C46-$2C47 Fossil Dragon 56
$2C48-$2C49 Holy Dragon 344
$2C4A-$2C4B Fiend Dragon 242
$2C4C-$2C4D Brachiosaur 171
$2C4E-$2C4F Tyrannosaur 172
$2C50-$2C51 Dark wind 8
$2C52-$2C53 Aepyornis 33
$2C54-$2C55 Vulture 57
$2C56-$2C57 Vasegiatta 196
$2C58-$2C59 Zokka 123
$2C5A-$2C5B Trapper 79
$2C5C-$2C5D Hornet 12
$2C5E-$2C5F Nettlehopper 34
$2C60-$2C61 Delta Beetle 126
$2C62-$2C63 Killer Mantis 115
$2C64-$2C65 Trillium 18
$2C66-$2C67 Rafflesia 157
$2C68-$2C69 Tumbleweed 173
$2C6A-$2C6B Vampire Thorn 127
$2C6C-$2C6D Cartagra 27
$2C6E-$2C6F Siegfried 238
$2C70-$2C71 Nautiloid 22
$2C72-$2C73 Exocite 23
$2C74-$2C75 Anguiform 50
$2C76-$2C77 Leap Frog 174
$2C78-$2C79 Lizard 128
$2C7A-$2C7B Litwor Chicken 68
$2C7C-$2C7D Slagworm 175
$2C7E-$2C7F Hell's Rider 286
$2C80-$2C81 Unused
$2C82-$2C83 Onion Knight 75
$2C84-$2C85 Magitek Armor 279
$2C86-$2C87 Sky Armor 104
$2C88-$2C89 Satellite 39
$2C8A-$2C8B Armored Weapon 216
$2C8C-$2C8D Spritzer 5
$2C8E-$2C8F Flan 80
$2C90-$2C91 Outcast 87
$2C92-$2C93 Humpty 134
$2C94-$2C95 Brianpan 106
$2C96-$2C97 Cruller 135
$2C98-$2C99 Cactuar 176
$2C9A-$2C9B Bandit 6
$2C9C-$2C9D Harvester 62
$2C9E-$2C9F Bomb 45
$2CA0-$2CA1 Still Life 158
$2CA2-$2CA3 Lunatys 217
$2CA4-$2CA5 Veil Dancer 65
$2CA6-$2CA7 Hill Gigas 63
$2CA8-$2CA9 Tonberry 189
$2CAA-$2CAB Magic Urn 221
$2CAC-$2CAD Mover 243
$2CAE-$2CAF Figaro Lizard 218
$2CB0-$2CB1 Devoahan 129
$2CB2-$2CB3 Aspiran 51
$2CB4-$2CB5 Ghost 40
$2CB6-$2CB7 Crawler 177
$2CB8-$2CB9 Sand Ray 9
$2CBA-$2CBB Alacran 10
$2CBC-$2CBD Actinian 52
$2CBE-$2CBF Sandhorse 130
$2CC0-$2CC1 Unused
$2CC2-$2CC3 Malboro 144
$2CC4-$2CC5 Urok 13
$2CC6-$2CC7 Foper 11
$2CC8-$2CC9 Guard Leader 278
$2CCA-$2CCB Corporal 54
$2CCC-$2CCD General 81
$2CCE-$2CCF Covert 199
$2CD0-$2CD1 Kamui 200
$2CD2-$2CD3 Warlock 231
$2CD4-$2CD5 Cherry 244
$2CD6-$2CD7 Joker 69
$2CD8-$2CD9 Iron Fist 58
$2CDA-$2CDB Devil 219
$2CDC-$2CDD Provoker 88
$2CDE-$2CDF Cloudwraith 145
$2CE0-$2CE1 Mahadeva 232
$2CE2-$2CE3 Vector Hound 26
$2CE4-$2CE5 Peeper 116
$2CE6-$2CE7 Stunner 66
$2CE8-$2CE9 Sorath 233
$2CEA-$2CEB Destroyer 82
$2CEC-$2CED Chippirabbit 35
$2CEE-$2CEF Coeurl Cat 159
$2CF0-$2CF1 Bloodfang 59
$2CF2-$2CF3 Hunting Hound 55
$2CF4-$2CF5 Gorgias 19
$2CF6-$2CF7 Don 70
$2CF8-$2CF9 Murussu 117
$2CFA-$2CFB Wartpuck 201
$2CFC-$2CFD Gorgimera 153
$2CFE-$2CFF Behemoth King 318
$2D00-$2D01 Vector Lythos 245
$2D02-$2D03 Wyvern 71
$2D04-$2D05 Zombie Dragon 89
$2D06-$2D07 Dragon 109
$2D08-$2D09 Primeval Dragon 246
$2D0A-$2D0B Weredragon 208
$2D0C-$2D0D Cirpius 20
$2D0E-$2D0F Sprinter 178
$2D10-$2D11 Lenergia 83
$2D12-$2D13 Marchosias 140
$2D14-$2D15 Gloomwind 197
$2D16-$2D17 Dropper 136
$2D18-$2D19 Rock Wasp 60
$2D1A-$2D1B Grasswyrm 72
$2D1C-$2D1D Luridan 150
$2D1E-$2D1F Twinscythe 154
$2D20-$2D21 Paraladia 61
$2D22-$2D23 Exoray 146
$2D24-$2D25 Crusher 160
$2D26-$2D27 Ouroboros 163
$2D28-$2D29 Acrophies 28
$2D2A-$2D2B Schmidt 209
$2D2C-$2D2D Devourer 95
$2D2E-$2D2F Cancer 131
$2D30-$2D31 Gigantoad 118
$2D32-$2D33 Basilisk 179
$2D34-$2D35 Medusa Chicken 234
$2D36-$2D37 Landworm 247
$2D38-$2D39 Test Rider 182
$2D3A-$2D3B Pluto Armor 210
$2D3C-$2D3D Onion Dasher 190
$2D3E-$2D3F Heavy Armor 24
$2D40-$2D41 Chaser 86
$2D42-$2D43 Gamma 248
$2D44-$2D45 Poplium 41
$2D46-$2D47 Intangir 97
$2D48-$2D49 Misfit 107
$2D4A-$2D4B Creature 235
$2D4C-$2D4D Envo 220
$2D4E-$2D4F Deepeye 141
$2D50-$2D51 Unseelie 15
$2D52-$2D53 Neck Hunter 137
$2D54-$2D55 Grenade 73
$2D56-$2D57 Alluring Rider 211
$2D58-$2D59 Pandora 212
$2D5A-$2D5B Blade Dancer 161
$2D5C-$2D5D Gigantos 306
$2D5E-$2D5F Magna Roader 85
$2D60-$2D61 Lycaon 180
$2D62-$2D63 Parasite 213
$2D64-$2D65 Land Ray 119
$2D66-$2D67 Antares 90
$2D68-$2D69 Anemone 191
$2D6A-$2D6B Moonform 236
$2D6C-$2D6D Unused
$2D6E-$2D6F Great Malboro 249
$2D70-$2D71 Bonnacon 99
$2D72-$2D73 Oceanus 132
$2D74-$2D75 Living Dead 46
$2D76-$2D77 Death Warden 155
$2D78-$2D79 Face 164
$2D7A-$2D7B Outsider 250
$2D7C-$2D7D Coco 214
$2D7E-$2D7F Zeveak 165
$2D80-$2D81 Nightwalker 124
$2D82-$2D83 Demon Knight 251
$2D84-$2D85 Imperial Elite 92
$2D86-$2D87 Desert Hare 133
$2D88-$2D89 Wizard 183
$2D8A-$2D8B Devil Fist 149
$2D8C-$2D8D Illuyankas 192
$2D8E-$2D8F Sergeant 76
$2D90-$2D91 Aspidochelon 237
$2D92-$2D93 Knotty 193
$2D94-$2D95 Luna Wolf 120
$2D96-$2D97 Belzecue 77
$2D98-$2D99 Caladrius 162
$2D9A-$2D9B Tzakmaqiel 194
$2D9C-$2D9D Lukhaui 184
$2D9E-$2D9F Unused
$2DA0-$2DA1 Land Grillon 100
$2DA2-$2DA3 Goetia 67
$2DA4-$2DA5 Greater Mantis 181
$2DA6-$2DA7 Bogy 139
$2DA8-$2DA9 Purusa 198
$2DAA-$2DAB Black Dragon 121
$2DAC-$2DAD Adamankary 101
$2DAE-$2DAF Dante 138
$2DB0-$2DB1 Platinum Dragon 110
$2DB2-$2DB3 Duel Armor 252
$2DB4-$2DB5 Psychos 187
$2DB6-$2DB7 Mousse 142
$2DB8-$2DB9 Shambling Corpse 202
$2DBA-$2DBB Punisher 151
$2DBC-$2DBD Balloon 98
$2DBE-$2DBF Gobbledygook 64
$2DC0-$2DC1 Great Behemoth 253
$2DC2-$2DC3 Scorpion 125
$2DC4-$2DC5 Chaos Dragon 170
$2DC6-$2DC7 Spitfire 105
$2DC8-$2DC9 Vector Chimera 254
$2DCA-$2DCB Lich 91
$2DCC-$2DCD Rukh 122
$2DCE-$2DCF Magna Roader 185
$2DD0-$2DD1 Bug 74
$2DD2-$2DD3 Seaflower 166
$2DD4-$2DD5 Fortis 255
$2DD6-$2DD7 Venobennu 103
$2DD8-$2DD9 Galypdes 167
$2DDA-$2DDB Junk 256
$2DDC-$2DDD Mandrake 102
$2DDE-$2DDF Valeor 30
$2DE0-$2DE1 Amduscias 203
$2DE2-$2DE3 Necromancer 168
$2DE4-$2DE5 Glasya Labolas 152
$2DE6-$2DE7 Magna Roader 186
$2DE8-$2DE9 Wild Rat 31
$2DEA-$2DEB Gold Bear 29
$2DEC-$2DED InnoSent 257
$2DEE-$2DEF Clymenus 169
$2DF0-$2DF1 Garm 188
$2DF2-$2DF3 Daedalus 258
$2DF4-$2DF5 Baalzephon 204
$2DF6-$2DF7 Ahriman 259
$2DF8-$2DF9 Death Machine 260
$2DFA-$2DFB Metal Hitman 261
$2DFC-$2DFD Io 215
$2DFE-$2DFF Tonberries 321
$2E00-$2E01 Ymir 276
$2E02-$2E03 Angler Whelk 314
$2E04-$2E05 Mega Armor 93
$2E06-$2E07 Vargas 280
$2E08-$2E09 Tunnel Armor 283
$2E0A-$2E0B Prometheus 262
$2E0C-$2E0D Phantom Train 284
$2E0E-$2E0F Dadaluma 288
$2E10-$2E11 Shiva 291
$2E12-$2E13 Ifrit 290
$2E14-$2E15 Number 024 292
$2E16-$2E17 Number 128 293
$2E18-$2E19 Inferno 348
$2E1A-$2E1B Crane 296
$2E1C-$2E1D Crane 297
$2E1E-$2E1F Unused
$2E20-$2E21 Yeti 322
$2E22-$2E23 Unused
$2E24-$2E25 Guardian 352
$2E26-$2E27 Air Force 302
$2E28-$2E29 Unused
$2E2A-$2E2B Unused
$2E2C-$2E2D Flame Eater 298
$2E2E-$2E2F Ultima Weapon 307
$2E30-$2E31 Nelpa 308
$2E32-$2E33 Behemoth King 317
$2E34-$2E35 Unused
$2E36-$2E37 Tentacle 310
$2E38-$2E39 Dullahan 316
$2E3A-$2E3B Deathgaze 331
$2E3C-$2E3D Unused
$2E3E-$2E3F Curlax 323
$2E40-$2E41 Laragorn 324
$2E42-$2E43 Moebius 325
$2E44-$2E45 Wrexsoul 326
$2E46-$2E47 Hidon 332
$2E48-$2E49 Samurai Soul 329
$2E4A-$2E4B Level 30 Magic 224
$2E4C-$2E4D Erebus 333
$2E4E-$2E4F Fiend 353
$2E50-$2E51 Goddess 354
$2E52-$2E53 Demon 355
$2E54-$2E55 Kefka 365
$2E56-$2E57 Level 40 Magic 225
$2E58-$2E59 Ultros 282
$2E5A-$2E5B Ultros 289
$2E5C-$2E5D Ultros 299
$2E5E-$2E5F Typhon 300
$2E60-$2E61 Level 20 Magic 223
$2E62-$2E63 Siegfried 48
$2E64-$2E65 Level 10 Magic 222
$2E66-$2E67 Level 50 Magic 226
$2E68-$2E69 Ymir 277
$2E6A-$2E6B Angler Whelk 315
$2E6C-$2E6D Unused
$2E6E-$2E6F Unused
$2E70-$2E71 Master Tonberry 328
$2E72-$2E73 Level 60 Magic 227
$2E74-$2E75 Unused
$2E76-$2E77 Unused
$2E78-$2E79 Tentacle 312
$2E7A-$2E7B Tentacle 311
$2E7C-$2E7D Tentacle 313
$2E7E-$2E7F Right Blade 294
$2E80-$2E81 Left Blade 295
$2E82-$2E83 Rahu 349
$2E84-$2E85 Ketu 350
$2E86-$2E87 Level 70 Magic 228
$2E88-$2E89 Valigarmanda 320
$2E8A-$2E8B Laser Gun 303
$2E8C-$2E8D Bit 305
$2E8E-$2E8F Missile Bay 304
$2E90-$2E91 Chadarnook 319
$2E92-$2E93 Ice Dragon 340
$2E94-$2E95 Kefka 287
$2E96-$2E97 Storm Dragon 341
$2E98-$2E99 Earth Dragon 342
$2E9A-$2E9B Ipooh 281
$2E9C-$2E9D Captain 36
$2E9E-$2E9F Unused
$2EA0-$2EA1 Gold Dragon 339
$2EA2-$2EA3 Skull Dragon 343
$2EA4-$2EA5 Blue Dragon 338
$2EA6-$2EA7 Red Dragon 337
$2EA8-$2EA9 Opinicus Fish 49
$2EAA-$2EAB Rhizopas 285
$2EAC-$2EAD Apparition 47
$2EAE-$2EAF Short Arm 356
$2EB0-$2EB1 Long Arm 357
$2EB2-$2EB3 Visage 358
$2EB4-$2EB5 Tiger 359
$2EB6-$2EB7 Machine 360
$2EB8-$2EB9 Magic 361
$2EBA-$2EBB Power 362
$2EBC-$2EBD Lady 363
$2EBE-$2EBF Rest 364
$2EC0-$2EC1 Erebus 334
$2EC2-$2EC3 Erebus 335
$2EC4-$2EC5 Erebus 336
$2EC6-$2EC7 Level 80 Magic 229
$2EC8-$2EC9 Level 90 Magic 230
$2ECA-$2ECB Proto Armor 78
$2ECC-$2ECD Magic Master 330
$2ECE-$2ECF Soul Saver 327
$2ED0-$2ED1 Ultros 301
$2ED2-$2ED3 Naude 113
$2ED4-$2ED5 Unused
$2ED6-$2ED7 Unused
$2ED8-$2ED9 Unused
$2EDA-$2EDB Humbaba 309
$2EDC-$2EDD Unused
$2EDE-$2EDF Unused
$2EE0-$2EE1 Unused
$2EE2-$2EE3 Zone Eater 195
$2EE4-$2EE5 Unused
$2EE6-$2EE7 Unused
$2EE8-$2EE9 Unused
$2EEA-$2EEB Unused
$2EEC-$2EED Unused
$2EEE-$2EEF Unused
$2EF0-$2EF1 Unused
$2EF2-$2EF3 Unused
$2EF4-$2EF5 Unused
$2EF6-$2EF7 Unused
$2EF8-$2EF9 Unused
$2EFA-$2EFB Ultima Buster 351
$2EFC-$2EFD Unused
$2EFE-$2EFF Unused
$2F00-$2F01 Armodullahan 274
$2F02-$2F03 Abaddon 266
$2F04-$2F05 Plague 366
$2F06-$2F07 Zurvan 263
$2F08-$2F09 Crystal Dragon 275
$2F0A-$2F0B Shield Dragon 270
$2F0C-$2F0D Hexadragon 272
$2F0E-$2F0F Dinozombie 268
$2F10-$2F11 Dragon Aevis 267
$2F12-$2F13 Great Dragon 265
$2F14-$2F15 Magic Dragon 273
$2F16-$2F17 Death Rider 269
$2F18-$2F19 Vilia 264
$2F1A-$2F1B Flan Princess 367
$2F1C-$2F1D Gargantua 371
$2F1E-$2F1F Malboro Menace 372
$2F20-$2F21 Dark Behemoth 374
$2F22-$2F23 Abyss Worm 373
$2F24-$2F25 Maximera 271
$2F26-$2F27 Earth Eater 370
$2F28-$2F29 Neslug 369
$2F2A-$2F2B Neslug 368
$2F2C-$2F2D Omega Weapon 384
$2F2E-$2F2F Red Dragon 375
$2F30-$2F31 Blue Dragon 376
$2F32-$2F33 Gold Dragon 377
$2F34-$2F35 Skull Dragon 381
$2F36-$2F37 Storm Dragon 379
$2F38-$2F39 Earth Dragon 380
$2F3A-$2F3B Holy Dragon 382
$2F3C-$2F3D Ice Dragon 378
$2F3E-$2F3F Kaiser Dragon 383
$2F40-$2F41 Gilgamesh 347
$2F42-$2F43 Gigantuar 345
$2F44-$2F45 Leviathan 346
Empty space
$2FFE-$2FFF Checksum (Sum16 + 1 from $2C00-$2FFD

Example values:

$2C00 28 Monster Guard has been slain 40 times.
$2C01 80 New entry has been cleared.

A quicksave option was included in the GBA port and it enables the player to temporary save the game almost anywhere. Quicksave cannot directly be transferred to the other slots in-game, but contains the same data as the other slots plus some additions.

$3800-41FF Quicksave Slot data
$4200-45FF Quicksave Data extension
$4600-49FF Quicksave Bestiary
$4A00-5BFF Quicksave Slot specific data; Last two bytes being a checksum?
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