Operating System (10.10+)
Release Date2017/08/01
DownloadFF6Tools 0.5

FF6Tools is an app for macOS written in the Swift programming language. Current features include a map editor, event editor, battle and monster editor, and attack animation editor. FF6Tools handles automatic data relocation and ROM expansion, allowing most data can be expanded beyond its original range within the ROM as needed. Unfortunately, data relocation will likely result in incompatibility with other FF6 hacking utilities. When a ROM file is saved, file information is stored in an additional “plist” file in the same folder as the ROM. This file must be present in order to re-open the ROM in FF6Tools.

The latest version of FF6Tools supports the following versions of FF6:

  • North American SNES ROM (v1.0 only, with or without header)
  • Japanese SNES ROM
  • North American GBA ROM

A browser-based version of FF6Tools is being developed. The latest version is available here: https://everything8215.github.io/ff6tools/ff6tools.html.

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