So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist?
The ever-famous “So you want to be a pixel artist”.

Short character sprite tutorial
A small FF6 character spriting tutorial.

Les Forges Pixel Art Course
A well-done textbook-sized set of tutorials on pixels.

SA Pixel Tutorial
A tutorial by one of the most talented spriter of Pixelation.

A Seiken Densetsu 3 Style Guide
A tutorial about Squaresoft GFX and more precisely Seiken Densetsu 3.

Pedro's GIF Pixel Art Tutorials
Some quick but well done tutorials in GIF format.

Derek Yu's Pixel Art Tutorial (Wayback Machine)
A well-made tutorial from A to Z.

The Pixel Art Tutorial (PixelJoint Forums)
Thread covering the basics of pixel art.

Noobtorials (PixelJoint Forums)
A bunch of small tutorials covering different aspects of pixel art.

Well made spanish tutorial (use google translate)
Tutorial using the Card Saga game sprites.

Pixel Art Tutorials (/r/PixelArt)

Tutorials on Spriter-Club (DeviantArt)

FinalBossBlue Tutorial List (finalbossblue.com)

2DWillNeverDie Tutorial List (2dwillneverdie.com)

Pixelation Tutorial List (Pixelation.org)

Pixeljoint Tutorial List (pixeljoint.com)

Text and Video Tutorial List by DeviantArt Spriters (last updated in 2010)

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