This is a translation of FF6-T Edition by Kain Stryder from Insane Difficulty. It is not a translated hack but a resource and helper to get through the game with translated files, menus and resources from the hack.

Download (MediaFire)
Backup Version (2017/05/13)

Note from the author:

I am not 100% fluent in japanese just to state this. There may be some mistakes and errors, and for that I apologize. I used a kanji dictionary for most of my help when I didn't understand something (Google Translate is VERY unreliable), otherwise I had help from 2 of my japanese friends when I was ultimately stuck. I am better at hearing japanese than reading it, as it takes me time and I stagger on some kanji. However, everything translated within is accurate and more than good enough to get you through the game, I assure you.

The normal game file to patch is the T-Edition one. EX patch is for extra content after you've cleared the game and/or beaten the sidequest “Holy Angel Ultima” (see event.html for more). The how-to guides and everything you need to know is explained in the htmls in the HTML folder, so please us them.

I've included Lunar IPS, the program used to patch the mod. You just need the ROM now; make sure it's the japanese version of FF6, and remember, ALWAYS patch a ROM that's NEVER been patched prior or you WILL have errors or glitches abound.

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