Byte Description
2 bytes preceding data in the ROM are the length of the song
$00-$01 Song Start Address
$02-$03 Song End Address
$04-$13 Voice Start Addresses (8 tracks, 2 bytes each)
$14-$23 Voice Start Addresses (alternate start position, 8 tracks, 2 bytes each)
$24-EOF Song Data (Music Commands)

The addresses will point relative to the start of the song header (byte $00 in the table).

The song names with '()' brackets are ambient sounds not present in the official soundtrack cd.

Song Index ROM Offset Song Name
$00 $C85C7A (Silence)
$01 $C85CA0 The Prelude
$05 $C8641E Awakening
$06 $C86733 Terra
$07 $C86D69 Shadow
$08 $C870C5 Strago
$09 $C874BF Gau
$0A $C878F8 Edgar & Sabin
$0B $C87CAF Coin Song
$0C $C88028 Cyan
$0D $C88438 Locke
$0E $C8889A Forever Rachel
$0F $C88BED Relm
$10 $C88F56 Setzer
$11 $C8956F Epitaph
$12 $C89829 Celes
$13 $C89B62 Techno de Chocobo
$14 $C8A5D4 The Decisive Battle
$15 $C8AD36 Johnny C Bad
$03 $C8B49D Opening Theme #2
$16 $C8B7B8 Kefka
$17 $C8BFE8 The Mines of Narshe
$18 $C8C24C The Phantom Forest
$04 $C8C882 Opening Theme #3
$19 $C8CEC1 Wild West
$1A $C8D330 Save Them!
$1B $C8DA56 The Empire 'Gestahl'
$1C $C8DDBF Troops March On
$1D $C8E16B Under Martial Law
$1E $C8E357 (Water Flowing)
$1F $C8E3E2 Metamorphosis
$20 $C8EA48 Phantom Train
$21 $C8EFA6 Another World of Beasts
$22 $C8F472 Grand Finale #2
$23 $C8FA15 Mt. Koltz
$24 $C8FE43 Battle Theme
$25 $C9054B (Fanfare, slow)
$26 $C905E9 The Wedding #1
$27 $C90A66 Aria de Mezzo Carattere
$2A $C9149C Kids Run Through the City Corner
$2D $C91A4C Gogo
$2E $C91EDD Returners
$2F $C9268F Fanfare
$30 $C92997 Umaro
$31 $C92E0B Mog
$32 $C93258 The Unforgiven
$33 $C937FF The Fierce Battle
$34 $C93FAE The Day After
$35 $C94465 Blackjack
$36 $C94AB3 Catastrophe
$37 $C94D6F The Magic House
$38 $C95316 (Nighty Night)
$39 $C953DB (Wind)
$3A $C954C5 (Waves)
$3B $C95557 Dancing Mad #1
$3C $C962C9 (Phantom Train Stopping)
$3D $C963CD Spinach Rag
$3E $C96903 Rest in Peace
$3F $C96A6E (Chocobos Running)
$40 $C96B19 (Walking out of Zozo)
$41 $C96BC2 Overture #1
$42 $C970DA Overture #2
$43 $C971C9 Overture #3
$44 $C97A06 The Wedding #2
$45 $C97CEB The Wedding #3
$46 $C97F7C The Wedding #4
$02 $C983DB Opening Theme #1
$47 $C98842 Devil's Lab
$48 $C98C99 (Esper Attack)
$49 $C98CE8 (Cranes)
$4A $C98D85 (Burning House)
$2B $C98E14 ?? [Crazy Old Man's House]
$28 $C990B6 The Serpent Trench
$29 $C993A2 Slam Shuffle
$2C $C9975F Grand Finale #1
$4B $C997DF New Continent
$4C $C99DBF Searching for Friends
$4D $C9A24F Fanatics
$4E $C9A3D8 Last Dungeon
$4F $C9AC51 Dark World
$50 $C9AE9F Dancing Mad #3
$52 $C9B9B9 Dancing Mad #2
$53 $C9BAF9 Ending Theme #1
$54 $C9DF3F Ending Theme #2

Indexes $51, $55-$FF are empty.

Currently loaded song index is (in most cases) stored to Save RAM address $1F80. The game loads a new song index from Field RAM address $053C. This can be utilized by finding an exit where a song changes (eg. Classroom entrance) and poking the memory address $053C; this causes the game to load the poked song index when the exit is used.

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