Custom actions are processed from jump table at $C0/7807, beginning with Movement Action $C6.

00	Forward, Walking 1
01	Forward, Standing
02	Forward, Walking 2
03	Backward, Walking 1
04	Backward, Standing
05	Backward, Walking 2
06	Side, Walking 1
07	Side, Standing
08	Side, Walking 2
09	Kneeling / Weak
0A	Attack pose (facing left)
0B	Attacked pose (looking left)
0C	Idle in Battle Pose
0D	Walking in Battle Pose
0E	Arms Raised, Walking
0F	Arms Raised, Jumping
10	Spell Cast (looking left), first frame
11	Spell Cast (looking left), second frame
12	Dead pose (looking left)
13	Front, head down eyes closed
14	Wink
15	Eyes closed, looking to the right
16	Front, arms raised in air
17	Back, arms raised in air
18	mad/embarrassed
19	Front, right arm raise
1A	Front, right arm wave
1B	Back, right arm raise
1C	Back, right arm wave 
1D	laughing part 1
1E	laughing part 2
1F	shocked
20	Front, head down 
21	Back, head down
22	Head down sad left
23	Front, head turned (left); 63	Look to the right
24	Moving the finger, first frame; 64= flipped
25	Moving the finger, second frame; 65 is flipped 
26	unused pose with the Jap. text (Except for terra)
27	tent
28	knocked down pose #2 (For special characters)
2C	used for NPCs special pose in some cases.
2D	used for KO'ed NPC
40-7F   Graphical Actions 00-3F, flipped horizontally
Movement (80-9F):
  ___ _ __
   |  | |__ d: direction (0: up, 1: right, 2: down, 3: left)
   |  |____ n: number of steps (1 is added to this, so 1-8 steps possible)
   |_______ always 100

Movement table in tiles:
1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8 
80     84     88     8C     90     94     98     9C   | Move character up
81     85     89     8D     91     95     99     9D   | Move character right
82     86     8A     8E     92     96     9A     9E   | Move character down
83     87     8B     8F     93     97     9B     9F   | Move character left

A0                                  Move entity right/up 1x1 tiles
A1                                  Move entity right/down 1x1 tiles
A2                                  Move entity left/down 1x1 tiles
A3                                  Move entity left/up 1x1 tiles
A4                                  Move entity right/up 1x2 tiles
A5                                  Move entity right/up 2x1 tiles
A6                                  Move entity right/down 2x1 tiles
A7                                  Move entity right/down 1x2 tiles
A8                                  Move entity left/down 1x2 tiles
A9                                  Move entity left/down 2x1 tiles
AA                                  Move entity left/up 2x1 tiles
AB                                  Move entity left/up 1x2 tiles
C0                                  Set entity's speed (within the event) to slowest
C1                                  Set entity's speed (within the event) to slow
C2                                  Set entity's speed (within the event) to normal
C3                                  Set entity's speed (within the event) to fast
C4                                  Set entity's speed (within the event) to fastest
C6                      $C0787B     Set entity to walk when moving
C7                      $C07886     Set entity to stay still when moving
C8 xx                   $C07891     Set entity layering priority
C9 xx                   $C07A05     Place entity on vehicle xx
CC                      $C078AB     Turn current entity up
CD                      $C078B7     Turn current entity right
CE                      $C078C4     Turn current entity down
CF                      $C078D1     Turn current entity left
D0                      $C078DE
D1                      $C07928     Hide current entity
D5 xx yy                $C07A1E     Set position to (xx, yy)
D7                      $C07A65     Center entity on screen
DC                      $C07A94     Make entity jump (low)
DD                      $C07A9C     Make entity jump (high)
E0 xx                   $C07AA4     Pause for xx/60 seconds
E1 xx                   $C07969     Set event bit $1E80 + xx ($1E80 + $0xx)
E2 xx                   $C07983     Set event bit $1EA0 + xx ($1E80 + $1xx)
E3 xx                   $C0799D     Set event bit $1EC0 + xx ($1E80 + $2xx)
E4 xx                   $C079B7     Clear event bit $1E80 + xx ($1E80 + $0xx)
E5 xx                   $C079D1     Clear event bit $1EA0 + xx ($1E80 + $1xx)
E6 xx                   $C079EB     Clear event bit $1EC0 + xx ($1E80 + $2xx)
F9 aaaaaa               $C07ACF     Jump out of the queue to $aaaaaa+$CA0000
FA xx                   $C07B0C     Randomly branch backward xx bytes in the queue
FB xx                   $C07B19     Randomly branch forward xx bytes in the queue
FC xx                   $C07B26     Branch backward xx bytes in the queue
FD xx                   $C07B4B     Branch forward xx bytes in the queue
FF                      $C07B70     End queue
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