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Unhardcoded tintinabar bugfix

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A few people reported that in Beyond Chaos EX, some characters get healed way too much by the tintinabar. I tracked it to a bug in Lenophis's Unhardcoded Tintinabar (solo version).

Basically, it does 16-bit ROL n+1 times, where n is the character id, to check the bit indicating whether the character is wearing a tintinabar. Then it does an 8-bit load to get the character's stamina, but does a 16-bit add to the character's HP, without clearing the high byte. The upshot is, Relm heals an extra 256 HP per step, Setzer an extra 512 HP, Mog 1024, etc.

Anyway, I fixed the asm by just inserting an AND #$00FF. Fixed asm and ips are attached. I haven't checked whether the party version of the patch has a similar bug, but I wouldn't think so.

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