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Streamlined Battling? (2x rewards, 1/2 encounters)

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(02-07-2018, 03:54 PM)PowerPanda Wrote:
(01-26-2018, 05:45 PM)seibaby Wrote: As for Magic Points, doubling them could cause an overflow error with high learn rates like Bismark's x20, and I don't care enough to write code to cap it (it doesn't fit inline anyway).

Can you elaborate on this more? I'm planning to use this in my "Definitive Edition" hack, and will manually re-balance the Espers to account for fewer battles (probably make the learn rate for magic 50% higher, but playtesting will be necessary to see if that captures the right feel). What causes the overflow error? When the amount of AP exceeds 255 or something like that?

I ask the same question a while back, and this is the answer that I got. Hope this helps you.
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  • PowerPanda (02-07-2018)

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(02-07-2018, 03:54 PM)PowerPanda Wrote: What causes the overflow error? When the amount of AP exceeds 255 or something like that?

I think this is right. Like in the above example, 13AP x 20 (learning rate) in one battle will give you 260 AP, so it will give you only 4AP (260 - 256). You just gotta make sure it does not exceed 255 each battle. The other solution is putting the AP on two bytes instead of one but this is a ASM hack.

Edit: On one byte with the learning rate of 20, the most AP you ca give is 12.
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  • PowerPanda (02-07-2018)

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Gotcha. I'll take a look at the formations to see which is the highest, and adjust from there.

EDIT: Looks like the max is 10 in vanilla, which would be 15 in my edit. A quick solution would just be to not have any spell learned at a rate higher than 15. Alternatively, if I edit the learning rates rather than AP earned, I just need to keep everything below x25.

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Yes, if earned Magic Points * Learn Rate exceeds 255, it will wrap around. For example, gaining 15 Magic Points with Bismark (Fire/Ice/Bolt 20x) equipped will only give you 44% towards learning Fire due to overflow. Coding in an overflow check is simple, but it would take up free space and thus be likely to conflict with other patches.

If you want players to learn magic at a faster rate, just increase the amount of Magic Points gained from each formation, or the learn rate, but make sure the product of your highest Magic Point gain and your highest Learn Rate isn't larger than 255.

For example, in vanilla terms: don't go higher than 12 for Magic Points or higher than 20x for learn rate.

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