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Clippin' Chocobo

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Take a careful look at the attached screenshots. You will notice the game's interesting decision to draw Sabin's forearm in front of the chocobo's head, causing his hands to clip through it.

This is clearly a priority issue, so the question is, how to fix it?

EDIT: BTW, I can confirm that this occurs with Shadow also.

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now this is strange

"Sometimes ninjas do wrong to each other, and in dat way the force of tha earf' comes around da moon - and at that presence, da dirt, it overshadows the grass, so you're like, I can't cut dis grass, there's no sun comin' through. So in order to enable each other the two fruits have to look each other in da eye and understand we can only be right, as da ripe is wrong, you know what I mean?"


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this is a subtle but interesting message on the game's part: that man starts off weaker than beast, but with fingers and thumbs allowing weight training, and intellects capable of processing arnold schwarzenegger's encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding, we can surpass other species even physically speaking at times, thus moving to the forefront.

i was gonna say it might be a side effect of letting the soldier's hand appear in front of the chocobo's neck/head.  but it also appears in Chocobo Stables without any soldiers.  and it's been in Master ZED's Bugs and Glitches Guide for ages.

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Looks like a similar issue as the one with the girls in the auction house clipping the chocobo there.

(10-01-2017, 11:47 PM)Madsiur Wrote: The chocobo in the WOB auction house has two portions of his sprite cut off by the two lady NPC standing behind him. This is because those NPC sprites have priority over the chocobo one.

To fix this, the property “can walk over” for the NPCs have been checked and bit 8:3 of their NPC data has been unchecked.

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