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Locke had seen the older man earlier but he had vanished for a few hours since, as well as the rest of the group had seemingly disbanded, each off to their own separate tasks. In the last days, for what he could see the Doma samurai still kept his calm, somber self. Of course, Cyan carried the weight of his own losses - a topic no one really felt intimate enough to question him about. In fact, it was rare that the others even approached him with small talk, let alone take him up on his personal history. Except Gau, maybe, but that barely qualified as conversation. He decided to try the Falcon first, there should be someone there he could ask Cyan's whereabouts.

To his luck, inside the Falcon he found Cyan and Terra -- they had unfolded a large map over the Blackjack table, and were presently looking at it and talking to each other, mulling over different options. As he approached the table he also found Edgar who was close by sitting on a high chair meant for playing but instead he simply held a bandaged hand and eyed the map like his companions. Before they could acknowledge him, Locke eagerly said as he came up to them: "We need a plan."

Cyan regarded him with a stern look, then returned his attention to the map and pointed something to Terra, not bothering any further with Locke's enthusiastic entry. The thief treasure hunter looked at Edgar; then looked at Terra; then at Cyan again. After a moment, Terra told him: "Sit over there, Locke. We're trying to figure where to go next".

Locke complied, while still incredibly confused by the treatment he was receiving -- why was he being treated like a kid? And those two over there -- when did they become close like that? It was a lot to process. Still, he played along for the moment and observed the conversation before him. They were saying....

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