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Airship Falcon: Expanded

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I know this thread is two years old but I just want to say that out of the many hacks for this game, this is one of my favorites. It's incredibly flavorful. I'd really like to include it in the patch I'm designing but because of the problems with the Chocobo and the Armor, I cannot. Do you have a version that just adds the imp robot Interceptor and the npcs? Or even better, a version that adds the two separately?

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A quick and dirty fix would just be to edit the dialog code where you talk to the bird and have it end before he ask "Need a ride". Same with the armor, just cut off the dialog that gives the choice to use it. Sure it would still be there to look at and collect, just not usable.

Probably be the easiest way to use it without any visual or functional issues. Removing entirely would be a real pain, that stuff is scattered around a bit and not all direct code edits if I remember correctly.

As for how to do any of that, I couldn't tell you. I'd be doing good to remember how to install the patch at all.

Sorry I can't be of better assistance.

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