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Cursed Tweak
Cursed Tweak
version 1.1
release on 2016/04/28
apply to a FF3us 1.0
wiki entry

[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/wiki/lib/exe/...curse2.png]

cursedtweakC2-4.asm: For implementation in bank $C2 (4 items)
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Blue MP Digits patch?
EDIT!! This issue's been resolved. Download the patch at your leisure if your rom has a header.


I'm aware of an IPS patch that visually displays MP-healing in battle (ala Runic) as blue text, and MP-damage as red/hot pink. I've managed to find a download link here: http://www.angelfire.com/al2/imzogelmo/patches.html BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND USING IT as it makes my rom, (even a new, vanilla one)
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Patch: Nature Dance

I will slowly add my patches in the wiki. For the new or uptaded patches with relevance, i should create a thread for discussion, notification or comments. For the old ones whitout significative changes, i will silently add them. Because of real life and the time necessary to review and adjust the patches, it should take a while...

For now, i have a new one. Please, check the wiki page: [url=https://www.ff6hacking.com/wiki/doku.php?id=ff3:ff3us:patches:hatzen08:nature_dance]Natu
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Fix for 2-player Blitz bug (co-op)?
There is a bug when playing FF6 in two players mode:

"When the game is played with two players on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions, if one player presses any buttons while the other is attempting to input a Blitz command, the Blitz will fail."

Has this been fixed through a patch?
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Alternative Rage
author: SilentEnigma

This patch is an alternative to Terii Senshi's venerable Rage patch for Chupon & Siegfried, as specified by @CVReynolds in this post.

It immediately grants the rage for Chupon and Siegfried once the appropriat
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Luck Slot 3.0
Patch: Luck Slot 3.0


I updated the Luck Slot patch from version 2.0 to 3.0. It unrigs and changes the algorithm of the "slot" command. It now uses a new algorithm that associates each symbol with three spells/action. Please check the description in the link if you are interested in the details.

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