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Script Rewrite (Final Draft) Underway!

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Got it. I'm starting to get to clearly see the problem... For one (using FF6tools), the blackjack book on map 6 doesn't point to itself as a pointer. The blackjack book is also referencing different things between the base ROM and the modded ROM.

In an unrelated way, certain parts of the code are being overwritten/obfuscated. I notice that while using FF6tools on the modded ROM, there is no Return, Return World, or Post Battle pointer... At least none that I can find as of yet...

Finally, I think I know how I'm creating that scenario... Just give me a few more days and I'll show my work via FF6tools.

I'll also practice using windhex... See what I can find.

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RE: Script Rewrite (Final Draft) Underway! - by Joshua H. - 03-10-2023, 11:24 PM

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