FF6 Hacking Wiki

Welcome to the Final Fantasy 6 Hacking wiki! This wiki was started by members of the ff6hacking.com forum with the goal to aggregate information about hacking this game into a comprehensive and organized resource. Hopefully we can build up the knowledge in this wiki over time to make this useful for everybody who wants to begin hacking the game or document it.

Note that this wiki is targeted mostly towards hacking / modding related information. General information (game strategies, monster infos, etc.) may find a more suitable home at the Final Fantasy Wiki or at Gamefaqs, although as with everything there will be some overlap. For offline consultation and backup purpose, you can get PDF (and soon XHTML) versions of the wiki here.

If you are new to the hacking scene or believe that your query may be a common one, please take a look at the Hacking FAQ to receive some quick but relevant information. Finally this wiki was only possible with the help of tons of existing documentation and work made by dozens of people for more than 15 years. We are mentioning and thanking those who build the scene yesterday and keep it alive today here. Happy Hacking!




Update (03/30/2017)

A recent wiki user purge has been made. We are down to 50 users, mostly forums users that are susceptible of being active on the wiki. If you are a forums members with more than 5 posts as of 02/2016 you might have an active account here with Tech status (edit, approve and create rights) or Publisher status (edit, approve, create and delete rights). Wiki password has been sent by email when the wiki opened (02/2016).

If you are a forum user registered after this date or someone that is not registered on the forum, you can register on the wiki and will automatically be granted the User status (edit rights only). When we see you are active on the wiki and that you are not a troll/spammer/bot, you will be placed in the Tech group. An additional probation period and proof of activity is necessary to be in the Publisher group.

If you got any inquiry or question, you can register on the ff6hacking forum and send a private message to madsiur or a email to madsiur@ff6hacking.com. Alternatively, you can write to any other Forum Team member throught private message or email but you message might take longer to be responded.

Current Wiki admins:

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