Name Chrono Trigger Menu Backgrounds 1.0
Author madsiur
Link Download
ROM Name Final Fantasy III (USA) 1.0
ROM SHA-1 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
Header No
ROM Name Final Fantasy III (USA) 1.1
ROM SHA-1 057ADA1C641E3E0B3CA34E6E4F4EB1B05A87143A
Header No
$ED0000 - $ED1BFF Menu Window Graphics ($380 bytes * 8 backgrounds)
$ED1C00 - $ED1C0F Menu Window Palette 1 (8 colors)
$ED1C20 - $ED1C2F Menu Window Palette 2 (8 colors)
$ED1C40 - $ED1C4F Menu Window Palette 3 (8 colors)
$ED1C60 - $ED1C6F Menu Window Palette 4 (8 colors)
$ED1C80 - $ED1C8F Menu Window Palette 5 (8 colors)
$ED1CA0 - $ED1CAF Menu Window Palette 6 (8 colors)
$ED1CC0 - $ED1CCF Menu Window Palette 7 (8 colors)
$ED1CE0 - $ED1CEF Menu Window Palette 8 (8 colors)

This hack could be called “CT Menu Import”. All 8 Chrono Trigger menu backgrounds and palettes have been copied to the FF3us ROM, in the same order they appear in Chrono Trigger. The only change is graphics tile order and duplication, because CT does the same job as FF6 with less tiles in a different order, but final result is the same. The patch provided implement all 8 CT menu backgrounds.

For a custom implementation, you can run the ASM file. It's really simple, you comment in the ASM file the backgrounds (and corresponding palettes) you don't want or swap entries to have as an example background 1, 2, 6 in positions 3, 4, 5, leaving the rest of the backgrounds as vanilla FF3us. See the ASM file for more details.

The last 8 colors of each FF3us menu palette remain untouched because they are unused and CT menu palettes are 8 colors.

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