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One-Hit Wonder Patch

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One-Hit Wonder
Author: SilentEnigma
Version: 1.0
Released: 2024-05-19
Applies to: FF3us 1.0, FF3us 1.1, FF6j


This patch fixes a seldom-discussed bug with the monster script during the cinematic battle with Kefka at the Sealed Gate.

The original script is fairly elaborate, specifying multiple special attacks and counterattacks for Kefka to use. A naive reading of the script suggests that the battle's closing scene should be triggered once "monster #1" (i.e. Kefka) reaches KO status.

However, Kefka is programmed into the battle as a party member replacing Terra. He is not a "monster" here, so checking for a monster being KO'd gives a false positive. This results in the battle ending as soon as the player hits Kefka a single time.

This patch stops the battle once Kefka has reached either KO or Critical status, or upon Kefka getting hit after a certain amount of time has passed. If Kefka is KO'd, he will be revived for the ending scene.

Archive includes patches compatible with FF6j, vanilla FF3us, and the C. V. Reynolds Bug-Fix Compilation (tested with version 2.9).

Better late than never!

Happy Whitsunday. Hello

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