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Narshe Redesign Patch 1.0

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Hey guys. Some weeks ago, I posted a thread talking about a project related to Narshe's map and events design, most specifically, the battle sequence ( The plan was to make the battle occur in the town section instead of the cliffs. For this to be possible, however, I concluded that firstly it'd be necessary to change the layout of the map. Well, this is what this patch does:
- New town map layout (including interior of houses) created from scratch. Might undergo some polishing in next updates.
- All events and NPCs were edited to match the new environment. No dialogue changes.
- WOB town barrels and boxes now contain some treasures (like South Figaro).
- Game is 100% playable, start to finish (that is, If I didn't forgot to change any cutscene, let me know if you find any bugs).

I haven't started to work on the battle sequence yet, and I still don't know exactly how is that going to go. Nonetheless, this patch is, I believe, already a pretty cool demonstration of what is possible with map-editing in FF6, so I decided to call it version 1.0 anyway. Future updates may include:
- New battle sequence, as mentioned before.
- New layout for the mines, including, maybe, an additional boss.
- New sidequests, story events (any suggestions?).

[Image: i7ySxya.png]

[Image: b9Z1DpO.png]

[Image: AwFqC63.png]

[Image: IB6edVo.png]

*Must be applied to an unmodified FFIII US 1.0 ROM, headerless

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Nice one! I will check this out for sure.

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