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T-edition sprites/portraits patch

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(04-30-2022, 06:26 AM)Gens Wrote: I added to the package an ips file (for unheadered roms) that contains all the portraits made by TBranford and very slightly edited by me to match sprites appearance of the T-Edition-like patch i posted. I like the final result and i share it here for anyone that wants to give a modern look to his vanilla game (or any compatible mod out there). If you want to use them together with t-ed sprites, remember to patch t-ed sprites patch first.

[Image: DwbJK6i.png]

All the credits goes to TBranford and original work that inspired him.

Hey my friend, where can I download an IPS patch for these? It doesnt seem to be the one in main post.Thanks for your work!

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