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Konosuba Release Vol. 1: Kazuma, Aqua feat Lily (Blossom Tales TSK)

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Did you miss me?
Here's a new sprite release, this time themed around Konosuba, a Isekai anime I'm currently watching and whose setting and characters can be perfectly translated into a FF game. While I originaly planned to release all 4 protagonists in a single thread, in the end I dediced to split it into 2 releases, both featuring 2 Konosuba character and a 3rd unrelated character which is chosen with the criteria of being both useful, competent and a balance for the previous two characters. So, let's begin with the first release.

Satou Kazuma (Konosuba)

[Image: DNfrVSn.png][Image: 9L95B0c.png]
The main protagonist of the anime: A lazy high school student who, after dying in a accident, is send to a fantasy world with the task to defeat the Demon King. But what if he ends up being sent into FFVI instead? Well... He would look like this. As it clearly shows in most of the overworld pose, my best friend Locke was chosen once again as the main base due to both him and Kazuma sharing the Thief(/Adventurer) character class and the special ability Steal. However (like usual) other bases were used for some of the battle poses, including FFRK Gordon (Near Death, due to him also wearing a cape), Nes Thief (Ready Stance) and Squall (Casting animation). He uses a custom palette which includes Locke's NPC colors for the usual compatibility means (With the red NPC colors used in the special/Frightened Terra pose). The Portrait is a devamped version of one of the many face portrait of the PC game Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o In The Life, whose OW character sprites were also used as ispiration for designing the base Front, Back and Side sprites.

Aqua (Konosuba)

[Image: mWNqXIF.png][Image: O7QJfgQ.png]
If Kazuma ends up into FFVI, this also means that she will have to forcibly follow him there. This water goddess, well known in the anime community for how useless she is in Konosuba, would be (At least in my opinion) a good Terra replacement, in a story where she starts off weak and mostly useless (like the anime) only to regain her true power after a certain event later in the game. Anyway, the aforementioned Terra was used as a base for the basic Front/Back/Side and OW poses, but the usual exceptions are around the corner: For the battle animations bases, we have FFRK Ball Dress Rinoa for Ready and Hurt pose (Mostly for the Outfit design), FFRK Selphie for the Near Death pose and FFRK Lunafreya for the casting animation, while some of the OW poses are slighyly altered version version of Terra (Angry, Laughing animation) with the only exception being the scared animation, which is original. Relm's eye design was chosen instead of Terra's to give Aqua a cuter appearance and, last but not least, the Frightened Terra pose is turned into a crying animation.
It uses a very custom palette with Terra NPC colors. Her portrait is not a devamp of a face portrait of that aforementioned PC game(but its OW sprites were used as inspiration for the basic poses, like Kazuma), but it's instead based around one of the character's original artwork

Lily (Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King)

[Image: EqmTGCS.png][Image: LAUofTF.png]
The third wheel of this release. You're wondering where this little girl comes from? Her name is Lily and she is the protagonist of "Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King", an indie game (very) ispired on older Zelda titles (In particular Link to The Past) which I bought one year ago. This little girl is basically a silent knight which embarks on a quest to save her king, put under a sleeping spell (this story sounds familiar) by an evil wizard. Chosen as the
unrelated pick for this Konosuba relase due to her being a good party member for both Kazuma and Aqua, her sprites are cleary based on Terra, used once again as base for the majority of the OW pose, but with some notable exception: The casting animation is the same of my Frisk sprite, the laughing animation is based on Celes and, most notable of all, the angry pose is based on Cyan and it is the only leftover of my original idea of creating most of her pose from Cyan (Both are knights, it would be fitting). This time, Terra's eyes were kept to give Lily a serious appearance and the Frightened Terra is turned into a Item get pose, both inspired by the original game (Where a similar sprite is present) and Zelda 2 (Due to the character smiling while doing this pose). The sprite's design is based both on the ones of the original game (including the same hair and flower placement) and the game's icon/cover for the outfit (Cyan dress instead of the in-game light blue).
It uses a custom palette with Celes' NPC colors. Her portrait, also based on the game icon but done with an anime style, is also worth noting because it was build off one of Aqua's face portrait from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o In The Life game and it was the hardest of the 3 to make since I had to make the hair portion of the portrait from scratch.

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The three spritesheets are pretty good but Satou wins it for me!

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Just starting to dig into decades old coding knowledge to see if I can make something pretty with my words and math and.
These are beautiful.

I don't have that type of talent(But ultimately Sprites ARE coding and math so who knows)

Thank you for some Konosuba smiles today!

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