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FF7 Marlene (Adult), Pokemon Trainer Cynthia and Bard Knight

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Let's keep this intro short: Another release, 3 new characters ready to join your party.

FF7 Adult Marlene
[Image: KiTAm2u.png][Image: 0IX0rUh.png]
You remeber Marlene from Final Fantasy VII? She's older now!

Originally scheduled to be released together her child version, but delayed due to time constraints, this adult version of Barret's adopted daughter features a new design which, in my vision, reflects her growing up under the influences of both her daddy and Tifa: Most of her oufit design is taken from FFRK Tifa, with green pants referencing Barret (The 2 colors are taken from the latter's FFRK sprite), while the black and red raincoat is a reference to the girl's true father, Dyne (Be free to write any backstory on how she manged to get it). As for sprites' structure, more than one bases were used: The front mixes elements of Terra (Walking animation) and Setzer (outfit) with one particular exception being the scared animation (Locke), while the back's outfit is similar to Dyne but larger. The side and battle sprites are mostly based on the FFRK version of Tifa (Including the Death sprite) and Setzer (Victory and outfit's walking animation), while the casting animation is recycled from my sprite of Hojo. The sprites' palette is completely custom, including the NPC colors and, like my Dyne Sprite, the outline black was used as the raincoat's dark black outfit color. Her portrait retains most of the same colors  and the same hair style used on the child version.

Pokemon Trainer Cynthia
[Image: vD85n5H.png][Image: 4ajVfMw.png]
Here's a new Pokemon-themed sprite , but this time it's based on a human trainer, and a very fan-favortite too. Manly chosen both for the recent announcement of the Diamond and Pearl Remake and her character design, Sinnoh champion Cynthia makes her debut on FFVI, but only after waiting almost 3 year for her sprites to be finished. Yes, like some of my previously relased sprite (like Anna, Blanc and Plague Knight), development for her sprites started in 2018 and was put on hold almost immediately with only a front sprite and a completed portrait, before being picked up again and finally crossing the finish line. The 2 bases I used the most for making her poses were Celes (Base Front and Side, Scared pose) and Setzer (Back and victory animation), with exceptions being FFRK Lulu (Casting Animation), Banon (Angry pose) and some orginal poses (Laughing and Near Death). Like the Dancer NPC, her front sprites features one eye covered by the character's long hair but, unlike that NPC, the side sprites are based on the part with hair-covered eye both to recreate the orginal DPPT sprites and due to fact that the hidden eye being the right one (The Dancer has the left one hidden). It uses a custom palette with only 2 of Celes' NPC colors surviving. Her portrait, based on FF8 Quistis, it's the same one I made back in 2018, with the only thing changed being the eye (In the 2018 version, it had a plain eye design which was replaced last minute with the anime styled one of this final version).
[Image: 7BUDEXV.png]
Since this sprites were mostly based on Celes, here is also a opera version of Cynthia. Two of the blue dress' colors (included as the NPC color) are taken from the HGSS OW sprite of her ace Pokèmon, Garchomp. Also, the black and yellow hair ornaments were removed, but aside of this, the hair style remains the same of the normal sprite.

Bard Knight (Shovel Knight)
[Image: dskxQZ7.png][Image: GgXqaDX.png]
Yes, another Shovel Knight character, this time turning an NPC to a Playable Character, but the subject in question is more than a simple Non Playable Character: He's also an excellent and well documented Sound Test! Mainly made because he'll make an appearence in my upcoming hack as NPC, the sprites and portrait of this cool (and not so Spoony) bard were the hardest to develop compared to the other 2 characters. While the basic Front, back, and side poses were made from scratch with particular attention to the original sprites, Cyan (partly chosen due to both sharing the traits of a knight) was used as the main base for most of the character's poses (Most noticeble in the Front and Side Walking animation) with some excepiton being the Scared animation (Based on Kefka), Angry pose (Based on Banon) and some original poses. Inspired by FF4 Edward's attacking animation, I decided to include his trusty lute in most of the character's sprites, most notably in all the back poses (walking animation included), Riding sprites and the Jap Letters/Scared Terra pose. There were 2 design changes during its development: 
1. Originally, the opening on the helmet in both front and side poses were 2 vertial pixels long, but it was changed to 3 late in development to stay closer to the orginal sprites
2. The Ready and casting animation had their position switched.
It uses a custom palette in with all of palette 4 NPC color included. The portrait is a revamped and extended version of the one used in the Joustus minigame in the King of Cards DLC campaign of Shovel Knight.

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I would have probably switched Cynthia's hair-covered eye to the left instead of the right in her front facing sprites because the side-facing sprites just look a little different with the eye covered. Any ladies that I sprite with a hairdo like Cynthia's I always put on the left side of the sprite instead of on the right because I want the right eye exposed so it can transition well between the side facing and frontward facing sprites. That is my suggestion, I don't have a problem with the sprite in any other way.

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