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Antinomia: FF6

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(09-04-2021, 07:14 PM)Endarire Wrote: @Fast Moon
Looks exciting!  How fares progress?

Sorry for no updates in a while!  The current section is quite complicated (I'm restructuring a lot of the WoR flow) and has a lot of branches that need to be tested.  Also, I was working from home all of last year and therefore had a lot of extra time due to no commute, but I've been back in the office since March which has really cut into my time to dedicate to working on this.  I'm hoping to be able to have more time in a few months to really get back into it.  But I most certainly haven't dropped it!
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I totally understand. Right after I started Divergent Paths, I got a promotion in my day job, and my dream job as a side gig. Turned a 6 month project into a 4 year project. But life happens, and we'll all still play your project when it comes.

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