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How do I locate a songs instruments

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Hello everyone Frog, I was following madsiur's tutorial on importing a song from the forum and got stuck on step 7. Since I am replacing a song I skipped to step 4. At step 7 It tells you to replace the instruments at a specific offset. 
My issue is that I can't find the where the offset for my songs instruments are.
Does anyone have a list for these offsets.

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That first image there on step 7 tells the location of the instruments, C53F95. Each song's instruments take 32 bytes, so you can just look at the song indexes and the instruments are in the same order, so just keep going +32 bytes until you reach the instruments for the song you want.
Actually here's a previous thread that has a more solid answer:

Alternatively if you still have the instruments in the default location, you can use this utility:
But it's pretty dated and is just as easy to do it manually.

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