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Shovel Knight Mona and Hyperdimension Neptunia Blanc

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Here's a new sprite release with my first complete player sprites from the Shovel Knight and Hyperdimension Neptunia series respectely. Despite being unrelated chracter once again, I chose them for this release becuase if I use them in a hack, I would like to place them in the role of Locke (Mona) and Edgar (Blanc).

Mona (Shovel Knight)
[Image: bCPS1Dd.png][Image: bz9Vq1k.png][Image: xLpLpvR.png]
An apathetic and melancholic alchemist, whose role rose up from being a minigame hoster in the normal storyline to a supporting character in the Plague of Shadow DLC and finally a playable character in the upcoming Showdown DLC game mode.
Her apperance is based on Plague of Shadow and Terra was used as base, with the latter's eyes style retained in order to gave her a more serious apperance.
You're sure noticing there are 2 version of the sprite. Well the thing that differs between them is the palette: While both of them are custom, one include the orignal human skin color (The green skin is the outfit color to maintain compatibility with the NPC) while the other only includes the green skin. You can tell the difference by looking on the color of the bottle in the Japanese Letter/Frightened Terra pose (Human Skin = Green Bottle [Right]; Green Skin Only = Purple Bottle[Left]). 
The portrait is a revamped and expanded version of one his dialogue portrait from Shovel Knight ("Expanded" in the sense that original was smaller than 40x40 and I added the missing portion of her hair style).
[Image: rBRNoHX.png][Image: 9VKfOTE.png]
Inspired by an event in Plague of Shadow (No spoiler, sorry), here's a opera dress outfit of Mona, in case you want to replace Celes with her. Like the normal sprite, there are two version with the 2 different palette (Left: Green Skin; Right: Human Skin).

Blanc (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
[Image: jjUEdTy.png][Image: 2R1MUXH.png]
Apperently after hearing that her two sisters, Ram and Rom, and (even worst) her rival Neptune got a FF6 sprite, Nin.. ehm, Lowee CPU got mad and asked me to make one immediately.
Jokes aside, I started project for a sprite of her almost two years ago, but unlike Anna (which was completed back then), I only made a front sprite and I scrapped it due to difficulty in recreate her design (I wasn't so skillful at time). Seeing Hoxnorf's Neptunia spites (BTW, as a Neptunia fan, I like them) reminded me of this scrapped sprite and I decided to finish it.
[Image: KaqCjc0.png] (Comparison between the original design and the final one)
The front was retained from the original design with the only change being the hair and some jacket details, while for the others poses I used Terra as a base, with the exception of the Ready and casting animation (From FFRK Rinoa), Hurt pose (Heavily modified from Celes) and the scared pose (From Kekfa). 
The eyes were last minute changed to the Relm style (Originally she had Terra's ones) and she uses a custom palette with Terra's NPC colors.
The portrait is based on her official artwork.
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I find mona's outfit a bit too dark, maybe have one of the colors being more light? (but her opera outfit is good). Great work!

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