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Glitching Monster Sprite in battle (due to size differences?)

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[Image: DQOrTd5.png][Image: gVJjVc7.png]
I encountered a problem while importing some monster sprites that cause them to glitch in battle (In the images, the Shovel Knight's enemy has his legs cut off and the 8 colors FF3 Hedgehog pie is completely messed up, through they appear fine in both the sprite and formation editor).
As I said in the thread's title, I suppose that one possible reason is due to different size between the original enemy sprite they replace and the custom ones, but I also suspect that could be a enemy formation issue.
Some Info: Shovel Knight Enemy(8 colors): 32x40 vs GreaseMonk(16 Colors): 24x32; FF3 Hegehog Pie(8 Colors): 34x32 vs Rhodox(8 Colors): 32x32

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It seems you are using a 32x32 mould for 32x40 monster. You need to set the 32x48 mould in FF3usME in the monster formation editor.
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