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Chrono Trigger Schala Sprites + Portrait

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I'm surprised no one has done this in the past, so I decided to make Schala from Chrono Trigger.
[Image: Schala.png]
The one above is what she looks like in Chrono Trigger and use for any palette when making ROM hacks. The one below can be more used for the BC Randomizer and palettes when the eye color is a darker version of the hair colors (like Terra's eye and hair colors).
[Image: Schala-BC.png]
Oh, one more thing! Here's her portrait. It's not a perfect transition, and I could've taken the easy route by downscaling and lowering color depth from an image, but considering Chrono Trigger's portrait are official artwork turned into pixel art, I had to try and imitate it.
[Image: Schala.png]
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Awesome man. Thank you.

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