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Translation kit request

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Many years ago, DeJap Translations released a translation of Tales of Phantasia, which, a that time, only existed in Japanese. They had the idea to share their work so that the game could be easily translated in other languages than English. To do so, Dark Force, the hacker, created a translation kit with which almost anybody could translate the game with very few technical knowledge. In this kit were various files, such as graphics in bmp format, script files and options for the placement of menus. An .exe then permitted to compilate and insert all the data automatically in the rom. This kit made so that all translations for the game were technically of equal quality, avoiding people who wanted to translate it to re-do everything from scratch.

Now you'll guess the object of my request : do something similar for FF6 and share it with the world. As a member of the French translation scene, I've been working on the translation of this game for many years and I was frustrated because there there were always lacks in the hack (small things left untranslated, unoptimized menus, lack of available diacritics…). Even worse: the hack I had was complete compared to hacks in other languages, the problem worsening with the reduction of speakers of the said language because of the lack of skills of the hacker. Such a kit would for example allow people speaking a minority language to do a neat translation and promote their language and be useful for education purposes.

FF6 is a very popular video game and has been translated in numerous languages, so it's a perfect candidate for a translation kit. I don't have the skills nor the time to do such a thing, so I thought maybe someone with strong technical skills and deep knowledge of the game's mechanics could be interested by such a project, so that's why I make my request here.

I'm eager to talk about the project and expose what I have in mind here or in private if somebody shows any interest in it.

Thank you for you attention.

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