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Christmas Gift 2.0: Archangel and Undertale Papyrus

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Merry Christmas guys! Here's my Christmas gift: 2 sprites which share the same theme of last year's gift.

[Image: 35bxo5t.png][Image: im5wev.png]
What? FF1 Angel is evolving! Ops! Wrong game, but the concept is the same: Like the FF1 rank up from Theft to Ninja, this is a class upgrade for last year's Angel sprite. He has the same hair style of the FF1 Angel, but with an adult look, a new outfit and gold wings instead of the white ones. The Cyan's eyes style was chosen in place of the Locke's ones to give him a more serious appearence. Like the Angel, the halo appears only in the casting animation, the new tent sprite and the portrait.

Undertale Papyrus
[Image: 23u3lgm.png] [Image: or828m.png]
Sans' brother and one of the most iconic characters from Undertale finally comes to FFVI with this new sprite! Developed from scratch, a lot of effort was made in order to stay close to his original sprites. Originally the cape sprite was planned for the "Japanese letters" pose, but in the end it was repurposed into a nice laughing animation and its original place was taken by the sunglasses Papyrus (A reference to one of his portrait in the game). The 8-bit car from the NES Game "Road Fighter" used for his "tent" is also a reference to Undertale.

Trivia: A 3rd sprite was planned for this relase, but it was cut due to time constrants and delayed for the next time.

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