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Christmas Gift 3.0: Undertale sans and Frisk and Tinker Knight

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First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you. Now, since both my previous Christmas release were characterized by being the only time i relased Undertale character, this time I bring to you not one but 2 character from that game with a 3rd unrelated sprite that (fortunally) was completed in time...

Sans (Undertale)
[Image: IneIxm2.png][Image: eUo0UIK.png]
Finally Undertale's most famous character (mostly for the memes, but also for his personality) comes to FFVI with a new brand sprite made from scratch. Like with his brother, I tried to stay mostly accurate with his original sprite, but this time its development was even more hard, with the honorable mention being the making of the front sprite, which took a lot of time before i managed to recreate a decent smile. Despite being mostly made from scratch, some poses were made by using Locke (Ready stance) and Setzer (Hurt pose) as a base. Unfortunaly the making of his signature smile had a noticeble cost: the front and back's walking animation are slightly off in the lower part of the tiles due (I think) to the 15x24 size of the head. Instead of remove the sprite from this release and delay it,i decided to include it anyway both for feedback purpose and because all of the other poses works perfectly.   
It uses a custom palette with no skin colors included, so I recommand to use it on a palette 5 slot. The portrait is a revamped version of the normal dialogue one from the original.

Frisk (Undertale)
[Image: WVrklUV.png] [Image: cHDIHF9.png]
At last, the silent but determinated protagonist of Undertale wasn't forgotten this time and is ready to join your party. There isn't so much to talk about it: I used mostly Locke as base with the exception of the laughing animation (Terra) and the casting animation (FFRK Seifer), and despite originally having the Banon/Cyan eyes for most of its develpment, at the end I opted for the Locke styled ones. The heart (which represent the character's soul in Undertale) is featured in the special pose, as the tent, and the death sprite (unfortunaly colored purple to avoid conflict in battle since the red is a NPC color). It uses a custom palette.

Tinker Knight (Shovel Knight)
[Image: ELrToWm.png][Image: Ui4ZTsq.png]
My favourite character and boss from Shovel Knight and a perfect user for the "Tools" command, he manage to win the spot as the 3rd Sprite slot of this relaese over 2 female Pokemon Trainer due to my desire to having his portrait as my account image.
Once again, my favourite male protagonist Locke was used as a base (Actually, this is the time 1st I kept his gloves in some frames), but some frames were created from scratch such as the Near Death one while the Casting animation is similar to the one I used for Anna, but the glowing ball is different due to the limited palette. (AKA: To avoid conflicting with the yellow clothes, I used some black on the ball to separate from the rest of the yellow outfit). Despite having a mask, some of the "eyes" parts were changed, while for compensate the lack of a visible mouth, the laughing animation is reworked from Locke. Also as a reference to his base, the frightened Terra/Jap. Letter pose, has a little cosplaying Locke (added for the skin palette inclusion). He uses a custom palette inspired from his artwork with Locke's skin color included. Like Mona, is portrait is a revamped version of the dialogue one from the original game, but with addiction of a crack on his mask taken (again) from his original artwork.
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Nicely done as usual : )

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tinker knight is sick gg

The only limit is imagination. And 16 colors.. I guess 


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