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MyCode HTML table creation!

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One thing that was missing from MyBB myCode is table posting. It is now possible with custom tags I have added. Here are the possible tags:

 Name Description Value
 Table  Create a HTML table tag [table][/table]
 Table header  Create a bold centered tr HTML tag [trh][/trh]
 Table row  Create a tr HTML tag [tr][/tr]
 Regular table cell  Create a td HTML tag [td][/td]
 Centered table cell  Create a centered td HTML tag [tdc][/tdc]
 Fixed width table cell  Create a fixed width td HTML tag (num = 5 to 499) [tdw=num][/tdw]

As an example here is a table with its code. Note that if you use a fixed row cell, all the cell of the column will have this width. This mean you can use it only once to apply to whole column. If you use no fixed width, width will be length of longest column word / sentence. If you use fixed width cells and one of your entry exceed the cell width, table will display broken. Increase in this case the width up to a max of 499px.

 Favorite game  Reason of playing
 Final Fantasy 10 Tidus laugh
 Final Fantasy 8 Battle system definetely not broken + emo main character

[tdw=120]Favorite game[/tdw]
[tdw=400]Reason of playing[/tdw]
[td]Final Fantasy 10[/td]
[tdc]Tidus laugh[/tdc]
[td]Final Fantasy 8[/td]
[tdc]Battle system definetely not broken + emo main character[/tdc]

Edit: On a side note I have removed unpopular custom MyCode tags some not even been user ever once in posts. The updated list of custom MyCode tags is here.

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