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Add wind effect to a custom song.

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I want to add the wind effect to a custom song that i'm planning to use as the World of Ruin's theme in order to make it sound like the song "Dark World".
If it is possible, i have to add a new track to my song or use a special event or MML Command?

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The wind SFX you hear in the intro in Narshe is a song itself. I don't know how many channels it use, maybe one or two, but you would need that many empty channels and copy $C955DB-$C956C4 wind song data into those empty channels of your song. I think you should also sync the end of both song so as in an example your song does not play for 50 seconds and the wind channels end at 35 seconds. But this could maybe not be really relevant in the case of a wind SFX.

Edit: I'm not 100% sure the "Dark World Wind SFX" is same as "Intro Wind SFX" but the principle would remain the same, extract the wind channel(s) from Dark World and insert them in your song.

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The wind in Dark World is indeed different than the wind in Narshe. The wind you hear in Narshe is actually it's own music track, track ID 57 (hex=39), IIRC, and is called several times throughout the game (it's the track called for the wind effect in the rich man's house in South Figaro during Locke's scenario, as an example).

One thing FFVI did particularly good on was the inclusion of ambient sound effects in the actual audio data of a song, rather than as a separate effect (best example, the rain in Zozo); so if music is playing at the same time as an ambient sound effect, the chances are the sound effect is part of the music itself, rather than it's own track.

I just examined the different channels for Dark World's SPC data.

It looks like the wind effect Dark World uses is actually 2 channels of data, channel 1 has the higher-pitched aspects of the wind, and channel 2 has the lower pitched aspects of it. Channels 3-8 are the instrumentals.
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