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Condensing Spell List in Battle

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(08-04-2021, 05:18 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: The previous versions' assembly code looks to be there early on in the thread, but no ips patches for those. Applying assembly patches is simple enough if you'd wanna give it a try, with xkas, it just requires to use ye olde command prompt. I'd recommend maybe trying to contact GrayShadows though first directly about the current issue at hand, because the first few versions had problems as well.

Sorry for the late reply.

Which version of the code would you recommend I use? (The post # in this thread.)

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I personally couldn't recommend any of them since there is a detrimental issue with each version. As previously stated I'd recommend trying to contact GrayShadows via PM here or Discord if possible (their ID is in their profile info) about the most current version's issue and see if they are willing to look into it and provide a fixed new version.

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