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What are you guys using to draw your sprites with?

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I'm interested in designing but want to make sure I have the right tools to do so- can you point me in the right direction?

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I use ff3se or Final Fantasy 3 sprite editor and then I also use ff3 US Multi-Editor which is an editor with a sprite editing program that allows you to edit every sprite by tile. It's a useful tool because it allows you to edit the Dead and Riding Sprites of the characters as well as the NPCs and the game's props. For spriting, I also get reference pics or game sprites to use as a guide for getting the right look. For some poses or looks, I draw them on a sheet of paper or try to imagine them in my head("Now how would so and so look or act?") and put what I imagine onto the screen. I also try to listen to music, for some reason it helps the creative juices flow and just gives me a lot of inspiration and keeps me focused. Spriting for me has become a more relaxing practice and a diversion for a lot of things going on in my life. I feel like I am just scratching the surface and I hope to continue to get better at it.
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besides the usual ff3se and ff3usme. I also use a program named pixelformer designed for making pixel related stuff.

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Originally I used MSPaint on zoom 400% or 800%.
Then I used Photoshop for a while because it had more zoom.

But after I've got the majority of the work done, I upload it into FF3SE and test it in a rom to see how it looks. Seeing the sprites move in real time and side by side other NPCs and towns helps me gauge any corrections that may need to be done.

I can still go back to it years after I've made something and feel like something needs a minor correction so most of my stuff is scattered around my computer and it's hard for me to find it all.

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ffse usually.

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I personally use the relm editor (it goes by FF3usSpriteEd)

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I've heard good things about Graphics Gale.

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