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Madsiur Appreciation Day

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Victory Frog Victory Frog Victory

Cheers for Madsiur!

Everybody here speaks the truth.  You are definitely the backbone of the site and you've done so much for everybody here.  This site would barely exist without you.  Editors, advice, hacks; if I can name it, you've contributed it.  Thanks for all you've done!

Happy birthday man. Smile

Confused Moogles FTW

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hope its been a bitchin day buddy

The only limit is imagination. And 16 colors.. I guess 


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first I'd like to say that I am so sorry for not posting any sooner

madsiur, I have been here since the very beginning of the site, since its creation in fact (with a certain b*t*h ass who will remain nameless LOL (that was for you madsiur)), and you my friend gave it life, I'll create 3 pages alone if I go into details on what you did for us and this site, it has grown into a magnificent piece of art because of your efforts and I cannot express how much that means to me and this entire community

I wont get into the mushy stuff anymore

but Madsiur, madsiur, THE MOTHER f**k**g KING! you are the beating heart and shining soul of FF6 hacking and I mean that with all sincerity and I feel honored and blessed to have you as a friend

you'll always have my support

"Sometimes ninjas do wrong to each other, and in dat way the force of tha earf' comes around da moon - and at that presence, da dirt, it overshadows the grass, so you're like, I can't cut dis grass, there's no sun comin' through. So in order to enable each other the two fruits have to look each other in da eye and understand we can only be right, as da ripe is wrong, you know what I mean?"


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