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Overworld Map Tile Replacement

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This info should prove very useful for anyone who is creating a new WoB overworld map, or just have the need to move, remove, or change certain overworld tile locations.

Pointers to data for redrawing the world maps. (from Novalia's Bank EE Disassembly.)
EE/B260: 00F6CE (Event bits and map region for WoB)
EE/B263: 3CF6CE (Event bits and map region for WoR)
EE/B266: *48F6CE (Delimits the above) (Bank byte is useless...)


*The structure:
First 2 bytes = the x, y location on the overworld map.
3rd byte = 'tile chunk'
4th byte and after = the tiles that are used.


WoB tile replacement locations (no header):

CE/F648 - CE/F64E
Figaro Castle, exit to Narshe:
40, 4B = location on map
22 = 2x2 tile chunk

CE/F64F - CE/F655
Figaro Castle, exit to Kohlingen:
1E, 2F = location on map
22 = 2x2 tile chunk

CE/F656 - CE/F671
Nikeah's Rockslide
74, 2F = location on map
55 = 5x5 tile chunk

CE/F672 - CE/F676
Esper Cave by Thamasa
E5, 82 = location on map
12 = 1x2 tile chunk

CE/F677 - CE/F709
Sealed Gate, part 1 (northern-most left portion)
A8, AA = location on map
AF = 10x15 tile chunk

CE/F710 - CE/F762
Sealed Gate, part 2 (next portion down)
A8, B9 = location on map
A8 = 10x8 tile chunk

CE/F763 - CE/F7CD
Sealed Gate, part 3 (northern most right portion)
B2, B4 = location on map
8D = 8x13 tile chunk

Sealed Gate, part 4 (starts under part 2)
A6, C1 = location on map
FF = 15x15 tile chunk

CE/F8B2 - CE/F92C
Sealed Gate, part 5 (starts under part 4)
A6, D0 = location on map
8F = 8x15 tile chunk

CE/F92D - CE/F947
Sealed Gate, part 6 (starts under part 5)
A7, DF = location on map
64 = 6x4 tile chunk

CE/F948 - CE/F9DA
Sealed Gate, part 7 (to the right of part 5)
AE, D0 = location on map
CC = 12x12 tile chunk

Sealed Gate, part 8 (under part 3)
B5, C1 = location on map
FF = 15x15 tile chunk

Sealed Gate, part 9 (small chunk at the very bottom)
C4, C1 = location on map
14 = 1x4 tile chunk

Sealed Gate, part 10 (small chunk at the top right)
B5, D0 = location on map
51 = 5x1 tile chunk


WoR tile replacement locations:

*I haven't got to checking the WoR out yet. I think the only one is Hidon's Cave...?

*EDIT: See below for WoR.

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This is very interesting information to me, thanks for posting this.

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(01-09-2013, 09:17 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: I haven't got to checking the WoR out yet. I think the only one is Hidon's Cave...?

There are four. Two for Figaro castle, one for Hidon's cave and one unused/dummy one.

Unknown (unless it belongs to the WOB) CE/FACE to CE/FAD2
70 06 (this point in the ocean)
12 (1 x 2 chunk)
41 18 (Cave entrance tile (0x41) and rocky terrain tile(0x18))

Figaro Castle (near South Figaro) CE/FAD3 to CE/FAD9
51 54 (location 81, 84)
22 (2 x 2 chunk)
57 58 67 68 (tiles 0x57, 0x58, 0x67 and 0x68)

Figaro Castle (near Kohlingen) CE/FADA to CE/FAE1
35 39 (location 53, 57)
22 (2 x 2 chunk)
57 58 67 68 (tiles 0x57, 0x58, 0x67 and 0x68)

Hidon's cave CE/FAE1 to CE/FAE5
F9 DF (location 249, 223)
12 (1 x 2 chunk)
41 64 (tiles 0x41 and 0x64)
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so i noticed that a good a guide to use for the byte ID's is the level editor. one thing that could be changed in the LE Rogue is to list all the tiles under their hex address instead of decimal.

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