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Patch: Selectable Script
Path:   Selectable Script 1.0
Target: Final fantasy 3, Version 1.0, English

I want to share a patch i make. Perhaps, It can be helpful for a hacker.


In the original game, the enemy actions are determined by a script. In special cases, the enemy script is ignored and a random action is selected for the monster from its control list of commands. Common examples are the muddle status and Coloss
Author: HatZen08 - Replies: 26 - Views: 20826
Patch: Wilder Randomness
Patch:  Wilder Randomness 1.0
Target: Final fantasy 3, Version 1.0, English, With Header


Final Fantasy 3 has a few pseudo random number generators. They base the random number generation in a table of available numbers. They choose the numbers in a sequential order based on different indexes.

The method to choose a random number based on a sequential order generates poorly random numbers. T
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Patch: Custom Items
Patch:      Custom Items 1.1
Target:     Final Fantasy 3, version 1.0, english, with header

In the original rom, items are hard coded for its original purposes and can't be edited without assembler modifications. This patch changes how specific items are handled and allows them to be more customizable.

The changes are:
  • Tools items are associated with spells and they can be edited.
  • Skeans items ar
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Patch: Esper Commands 1.0
Patch:  Esper Commands 1.0
Target: Final Fantasy 3, version 1.0, english, with header

In the default game, all actors have a fixed setup of four commands by actor. The patch allows extra commands to be setup for the default actors based on the equipped esper.

The setup of the commands is based on the system used in the status screen for Gogo. Instead of only Gogo, all default actors can setup commands.

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Blue MP Digits patch?
EDIT!! This issue's been resolved. Download the patch at your leisure if your rom has a header.


I'm aware of an IPS patch that visually displays MP-healing in battle (ala Runic) as blue text, and MP-damage as red/hot pink. I've managed to find a download link here: http://www.angelfire.com/al2/imzogelmo/patches.html BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND USING IT as it makes my rom, (even a new, vanilla one)
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Patch: Shadow's Stay
wiki link: Shadow's Stay

This simple patch skips the random leave of Shadow at the end of battles in the World of Balance.

Recommended if you want to use Shadow's slot for another new character with a different plot history.
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Question about the IPS format

I'm been interested in hacking SNES games for many years but only now did I finally caved in my desires and seriously started to tiptoe into the wonderful world of the 65816 processor. Only problem is that I'm using Linux. I just created a very small hack that basically centers the characters' full name in the end credits and change Shadow's name to Clyde Arrowny. Using the extra space freed by the removal of the letter "w", I also was able to create pointers for everybody's last name,
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Luck Slot 3.0
Patch: Luck Slot 3.0


I updated the Luck Slot patch from version 2.0 to 3.0. It unrigs and changes the algorithm of the "slot" command. It now uses a new algorithm that associates each symbol with three spells/action. Please check the description in the link if you are interested in the details.

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