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IDA Pro newbie Tutorial (GBA, SNES, loader script, GDB debugger)
A) Tutorial goal
1) Disassemble partially a SNES ROM (first steps)
2) Disassemble partially a GBA ROM (first baby steps)
3) Understand some very basic IDA Pro functionalities

B) What is needed
1) IDA Pro (6.8 used here)
3) Visual Studio community (free)
4) FF3us ROM (1.0 used in example)
5) FF6A ROM (European version used in example but it real
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SNES / GBA / C coding Resources
I was bored tonight so I decided to try to collect some tutorials links.

Wiki Links: SNES Documentation

From SNES Development:
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FFVI Advance Font Pack
Final Fantasy VI Advance Font Pack
by @seibaby
version 1.01
released on 11/22/2016

This is a font replacement for FF3us for the SNES. The variable width font, used in dialogues and item/spell descriptions in the menu, is the dialogue font featured in Final Fantasy VI Advance.

The fixed width font, used in field and battle menus, was drawn by yours truly. It is a wide, bold version of the vari
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Portrait removal patch request for FFVI advance
Hi! I'm new here and was wondering if there is a patch for the FFVI advance rom that removes the character portraits in the dialogue boxes. This is the first time I'm going to play FFVI and wanted to be similar to the snes version (I already have the patches for color and sound restoration). I've looked in the forum but couldn't find anything like that. Recently I played FFV with a patch that does that (what is seen in the attached image) so I thought it may be possible for FFVI as well. Anythin
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Help finding Terra's lower body
Hello Hi I'm terribly new at this, I've always been irked by Terra's shoulder pad costume so I decided to try my hand in replacing her sprite with Joseph Collins' Amano Terra sprite. I'm using FF6Tools and replacing her base sprite is easy enough. Her ending sprite 1 and 2 took time but I was able to replace it, now my problem is is that I can't seem to find her lower body. Can anyone help a bro out?

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