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Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Blindfolded Challenge
Don't mix this up with the FF6 BFLLG.  That is in another thread, very similar to this one.

I realized that I don't have a link to this challenge here, so I figured I'd make one (since I have this sub-forum here after all, and I guess I can consider this a personal project).  I won't update this thread every time a video is posted, but I'll probably update when I finish uploading the challenge.  I've already finished the challenge, so it's about when I finish uploading the videos at this poin
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Brave New World Script Change
Alrighty, so I'm obviously new to the mod/hacking work, so I'm basically here to get some advice on how to proceed with my current project.

The project in question will be using Brave New World as a mechanical base, and applying a translation overhaul which will effectively combine the best parts from BNW along with the TWU Hack and my own personal touches.

Ultimately, Vanilla FFVI had far too many bugs and whatnot plaguing it. The Evade stat feels like a waste, Ultima span becomes inevita

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