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Final Fantasy VI Brave New World Blindfolded Challenge

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Don't mix this up with the FF6 BFLLG.  That is in another thread, very similar to this one.

I realized that I don't have a link to this challenge here, so I figured I'd make one (since I have this sub-forum here after all, and I guess I can consider this a personal project).  I won't update this thread every time a video is posted, but I'll probably update when I finish uploading the challenge.  I've already finished the challenge, so it's about when I finish uploading the videos at this point.

Link to challenge playlist:

Most of the rules for the challenge are explicitly mentioned in the description for the first video, which I'll repost here as well, I guess.

Quote:Watch the video with annotations on.  They will help me explain things.

This is a blindfolded playthrough of BNW, a ROMhack of Final Fantasy VI.  Don't mix this up with my other, similar series, which is an LLG playthrough of the vanilla game.  I'm not going to try and prove everything is legit, as that wouldn't work.  I saw one guy play Ocarina of Time with a bag on his head which clearly obscured his vision, and he played facing away from the TV, which was also clearly in view.  Many commenters still said things like "You could have used this complicated setup of mirrors to see the game", or "You could have cut a hole in the back of it".  I don't see any point in bothering, because it would lower the video quality substantially to show myself playing the game, similarly as it did for him.  I also have a feeling that most people who are going to believe me will do so based on the strategies I use, and anyone who doesn't want to believe me will disbelieve me based on any excuse they can think of.  So therefore, take me at my word or GTFO.  Or better yet, try it yourself following my instructions, and see for yourself that it's doable.  If you don't understand how I did a particular part, feel free to ask.  Sometimes it may really just be a stroke of luck though.

Now I will allow myself some specific moments to take the blindfold off:

-Save points:  This will give me some places to adjust my equipment with my eyes open.  This is mostly about the strategies that I use, not enduring tedium, and I don't want to have to memorize the positions of every item in my inventory, thanks.  I also get a convenient audio cue every time I reach one, they're not too far apart, but also not too close together, and I'll likely still have some areas to blindly use the menu.  The Overworld is not counted as a save point.  And no, if I fight Purple Dragon on the save point I do not get to leave my eyes open!  Tongue
-Flying the Airship:  There's simply not enough audial cues of what I'm doing to make this viable

If I realize I need to have my eyes open anywhere else, I'll make sure to note it promptly. Nope.

Oh, and I can finally record audio properly.  Aw yeah, I finally have the video quality that I wanted five years ago!!!  If only I could go back in time and tell myself how to do it properly.  XD  As a side effect, I also figured out how to get better audio from my headphones.  This will hopefully make up for the horrible quality of the LLG videos.

Note that video quality improves after Daryl's Tomb in the WoR, and audio commentary starts after just a couple episodes.  Audio quality will improve in Cyan's Dream.

Confused Moogles FTW

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