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Drained Pool Tile Fix

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Updated to v1.1:

In my classic fashion I managed to mess up this patch first go around... I had copied it directly from RotDS, you see, and forgot that things are a bit different from vanilla at the affected address, and overwrite some code that needed to stay or else it would freeze upon entering Nikeah. Finger

I also took this opportunity to make the pool water completely drain - there was just a bit of the animated water tile showing still after it was drained, before opening and closing the menu. It just needed to scroll down 1 more tile. I see I did this for RotDS as well.

My apologies to anyone effected, especially C. V. Reynolds and his bugfix compilation that was just updated the other day! I attached an anti-patch for the previous 1.0 version. Very sorry about this. Can just apply the attached anti-patch and then re-patch with the updated 1.1 version and all should be fine.

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