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Final Fantasy VI SNES Woolsey Uncensored Edition

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So I've started work on a project and I'm a noob at this but I'm making yet another Final Fantasy III(VI) SNES hack. I know its got so many hacks that I'm taking a bunch from here and other places to work on this and I will be looking at the GBA script to correct mistranslations and will basically be proof-reading Woolsey's script. The idea is to keep the nostalgia of the original translation but bringing the best changes of the GBA version. In other words lines like Son of a Submariner will stay, Terra and Sabin are not Tina and Mash, but NPCs like Vicks and Madonna will be renamed Biggs and Madeline. I want this to be as if Ted Woolsey didn't have to censor anything and had more time to correct his script.

So far this is what I have-
Titlescreen Hack
Uncensored Graphics Hack
Dash Restore (Press B to Dash)
Esper Menu Fix
Possible fixes - Evade Fix, GengiOff Fix, SrBehemoth Fix.

As for items and spells, I'm looking at making a compromise. Pearl SHOULD be Holy, Tonic should be Potion etc but the glory days of the SNES Fire 2 and 3 worked with the character limit. I'm open to suggestions.

Also I really want to add the class names in the menu but I don't know the first thing about making it happen. Angelo26 has a hack that also increases character limit but the changes are in hex(which I know nothing of) and the ease of FF3usME cannot be used.

I am open to suggestions on this since I'm totally new to the world of ROM Hacking and translations.

The current version is now 1.8, which updates the item descriptions! This version now has two patches. One has bugfixes added, the other does not.

[Image: FinalFantasyVIScreenshot2.jpg]

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Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition:

Final Fantasy IV - Namingway Edition:

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