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Final Fantasy VI SNES Woolsey Uncensored Edition - Rodimus Primal - 05-31-2013

So I've started work on a project and I'm a noob at this but I'm making yet another Final Fantasy III(VI) SNES hack. I know its got so many hacks that I'm taking a bunch from here and other places to work on this and I will be looking at the GBA script to correct mistranslations and will basically be proof-reading Woolsey's script. The idea is to keep the nostalgia of the original translation but bringing the best changes of the GBA version. In other words lines like Son of a Submariner will stay, Terra and Sabin are not Tina and Mash, but NPCs like Vicks and Madonna will be renamed Biggs and Madeline. I want this to be as if Ted Woolsey didn't have to censor anything and had more time to correct his script.

So far this is what I have-
Titlescreen Hack
Uncensored Graphics Hack
Dash Restore (Press B to Dash)
Esper Menu Fix
Possible fixes - Evade Fix, GengiOff Fix, SrBehemoth Fix.

As for items and spells, I'm looking at making a compromise. Pearl SHOULD be Holy, Tonic should be Potion etc but the glory days of the SNES Fire 2 and 3 worked with the character limit. I'm open to suggestions.

Also I really want to add the class names in the menu but I don't know the first thing about making it happen. Angelo26 has a hack that also increases character limit but the changes are in hex(which I know nothing of) and the ease of FF3usME cannot be used.

I am open to suggestions on this since I'm totally new to the world of ROM Hacking and translations.

The current version is now 1.8, which updates the item descriptions! This version now has two patches. One has bugfixes added, the other does not.

[Image: FinalFantasyVIScreenshot2.jpg]

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - SSJ Rick - 05-31-2013

you should post up a bit more info then that

and all the stuff you are implementing is in Dark Mage's improvement patch, you should use that as a base for your hack

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - Rodimus Primal - 05-31-2013

DarkMage has almost all of the bugfixes applied which is cool but I'm being minimal in them so that the original experience isn't altered too much. He's also using mostly the GBA script and font. I'm using the SNES script as a base and I really don't want to change the font. The idea is mostly for an uncensored hack. I'm using FFIII 1.0 as a base and applying the changes and then going into the script and comparing other scripts for accuracy and also for spelling and grammar errors. I don't want to alter the script to the point that its no longer Woosley's so to speak, but I'm acting as his proofreader yet uncensoring Nintendo's rules. In other words, death, religion, etc can be talked about. I'm just getting started on it so I'll post more as I go along.

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - SSJ Rick - 05-31-2013

ah ok I hear you then,

yeah his patch is great but it truly is a matter of one's taste at the end of the day

good luck to you

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - Rodimus Primal - 06-02-2013

So I spent my time going through the script. Of 3082 captions of
dialogue (which doesn't include battle dialogue), I'm up to 1000. I
fixed grammar errors where possible if it made sense. Vicks is now
Biggs, the "Impressiaro" on the Phantom Train is now the Conductor as he
should be, and Zigfried doesn't go by Sigfried in his last two
captions. I expanded some of the dialogue in the meeting at the
Returners base that was missing from the US translation, and I tweaked
Shadow's dreams so that its clear that Baram was asking Clyde to kill
him. I have to give it to Woosley. He said so much more with less. But
there were times it lacked so I've been looking at the GBA and RPGOne's
translations to understand clearly in some lines so it made sense to
insert an extra word or line here or there.

Since this is an
"uncensored" Edition, Cider is now wine, Kefka will say KILL THEM, Locke
enters South Figaro saying Dammit, and the person who says @$#* Empire
says damned empire. This isn't trying to be as foul mouthed as
possible, in fact I'm rather modest with it. But my goal is to give the
script the feeling that there isn't anything missing or censored.

already added the original title screen, the uncensored graphics, and
the B button dash. I also will add the Gogo Yellow Streak fix since that
was an error caused in localization. I'm looking for the Cafe to Bar
patch, but if I knew how I'd rather it be Pub since that was what the
original graphic said. I also eventually want to restore class names and
go through the spells and items to "uncensor" them.

I'm looking
for suggestions and perhaps any help I can get. I'll be continuing
working on the script. Its a hell of an undertaking and I really give a
lot of props to Woosley!

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - JCE3000GT - 06-02-2013

Don't forget the female monster graphics that were changed because censorship. Smile

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - Rodimus Primal - 06-03-2013

That I've already applied. Siren is a bare bottom, Goddess is barely covered etc. It's just the Cafe I need to change to Pub.

Also the font I realize has an extra pixel on the end of it. If I remove it, will it help with space? Just curious.

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - JCE3000GT - 06-03-2013

Did you change over the Chandarnook female and the smoking madam sprites too? Some people forget is why I ask.

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - Rodimus Primal - 06-04-2013

Those are changed too. Photoshop works wonders. I went ahead and started reading some of Lina Darkstars notes and there are times where I realize the mistakes and other times its nitpicking. Woolsey was one who really knew how to say more with less. But I expanded some conversations in some places but tried to keep the Woolsey feel to it. Sometimes I inserted a GBA/Lina/RPGONE line, or my own variation of it to correct the translation. Things like Cyan's intro comes to mind. With certain lines I'm open to suggestions. Especially the Poisoning scenes with King Doma, and Cyan's family. I went to proofread my lines and want to make sure it fits. I'm up to the Esper World scenes now.

RE: Final Fantasy VI SNES Woosley Uncensored Edition - Rodimus Primal - 06-07-2013

So I'm up to the World of Ruin. But before that, what to call the 3 gods? GBA calls them Warring Triad, Luna Darkstar Warring Gods, RPGOne calls them the Gods of Destruction, and Woolsey censored the religious aspect of them just calling them just Statues. I'm leaning more toward Warring Gods or Warring Triad and arranging the script accordingly. Any suggestions?