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Patch - Carbuncle Completed

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Ever notice Carbuncle seems to be missing a tiny piece of its sprite in its lower-right corner? I suspect that due to an oversight, a desire to save space, or whatever, that piece was left out because its cut right where the tilemapping is, so the loss of that small piece saved a tile.

[Image: 7S21l2E.png]  [Image: 8pRrwOS.png]

This is a simple patch that moves Carbuncle up two pixels to create a little more room to fill in that missing piece of its sprite. It isn't perfect, but it looks far better than the vanilla and uses up no extra space in tile mapping (which also means it should have no compatibility problems). To compensate for moving it up 2 pixels in its tilemap, its animation positions it two pixels further down, so everything lines up properly.

[Image: QrXvDDV.png]  [Image: Wp6z8JK.png]
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