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Esper Flip Patch

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This is a utility patch that flips most* Esper sprites horizontally, and redraws their tilemaps as summons to flip them back the other way. This means that when using them as summons you won't notice a thing. The advantage of doing this is that with Esper sprites facing to the right side, you can now use them as enemy sprites if you so choose! Some of them are a little wonky with fitting into enemy formation molds, so of course there's limits on what kinds of combinations you can do, same as normal enemies, but as long as they fit they will appear normally in battle.

[Image: KMBEwZs.png][Image: 5CvlgR1.png][Image: L5SlUe1.png][Image: kN379v9.png][Image: cge34qH.png]

Now, unfortunately, not ALL the Esper sprites were flipped. Obviously ones already facing to the right were left alone, but otherwise, Odin, Raiden, Tritoch, Alexander, Bahamut, and Crusader, were left alone. While it was possible to flip Odin and Raiden's sprites on their own, when they go Mode 7 to slash the enemy they flip to their "default" orientation, and I couldn't figure out how to tweak their animation scripts to avoid that, so I didn't flip them. The others, I didn't bother to flip them since they come in pieces and thus aren't suitable to be used as enemy sprites anyway, and attempts to utilize them as "whole" sprites did not work due to limitations on how the game loads sprites.

Still, 10 flipped sprites in total along with the Espers already facing the right way allows for a lot of potential, so there is definitely fun to be had here Smile There shouldn't be any conflicts with other patches; each sprite takes up the same amount of space as before, the total amount of space taken up is the same, and no actual attack animations were changed, just tilemapping for the Esper sprites used in those animations.
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