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Figaro Castle Map Redesign

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Hey. Here's a redesign of Castle Figaro's map. Actually, it's much more of a fortress than a castle. This version won't be able to do the submersion cutscene, but this is not a problem because, in my project, this concept will be most likely scrapped. The king of this place is a monk, not an engineer/machinist.

[Image: sXYVSME.png]

It isn't much, but I decided to share it regardless in case anyone would like to suggest anything, or just find it cool enough to get inspired and go do some map-hacking...

Also, which level would you like to see redesigned the most? Zozo, Figaro Town, Magitek Facility? Or maybe something else? I'm planning to do some more of those redesigns. It's somewhat fun.

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Cool! I like the raised balcony area in front of the main gate; guards can stand there without getting sand in their boots.

It won't work with the submerge scene, yeah, but you might be able to repurpose that map for something else instead. Be mindful of the night scenes in the castle, though, unless you're removing those too. I'm not sure if they share the tilemap with the daytime castle or the submerging one.

Your design has a walled city aesthetic, suggesting this kingdom is fretful of invaders. You may want to restructure South Figaro to match... wall in more of the west side of the city so that there's a security choke-point. Other cities that could benefit from some redesigning are Kohlingen and perhaps the Colosseum... might be cool to have some exterior spaces in the Colosseum.
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I first became aware of how intricate 'hacking' within events could get playing FFIV After Years. which is basically a professional hack of ffiv.

If you still use the submerge events there's all sorts of fun vehicles(or creatures?!) you could use instead of this nice bigger Beautiful castle.

I really like the bigger entrance. Every Terra I played on snes had at least one solo battle due to accidentally running outside by mistake.

I still have it happen now, more so because I always use the 'press b to walk' patch. ;D

Beautiful work
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