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Traditional Doma Castle

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This is a graphic tweak mod that changes Doma Castle to remove the turbine turrets and pipes along the walls to better portray the kingdom as an older, antiquated site. The Ancient Castle is also changed in the same manner.

[Image: dtQDEdG.png]

To accomodate the new look, new turret tiles were created; 8 subtiles in total were sacrificed for them, a metal vent and a hole tile that was seemingly unused. I checked other maps thoroughly to make sure they were unaffected and it seems so, but let me know if you find something amiss and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

I'm not sure if this'll work with mods that have map expansions, in all likelihood probably not. But that's fine, you can still use this. The download includes a .bin file of the new tilemap; open your rom and the .bin file in YY-CHR and copy the relevant tiles between windows to overwrite the tiles. The vent tiles are located at 1FEAE0 and the hole tiles are at 23DBC0 (unheadered). The download includes a .zst savestate to fire up with the relevant palettes to make it easier to make things out, you'll know if you're in the right spot because you'll see what's located in the image below. And just for good measure I included the tilemaps in the download too.

Thanks to everything for his help making this happen Smile.

[Image: ZU60zDm.png]

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