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Tube Job patch

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Title: Tube Job
Purpose: Cosmetic fix
By: Gi Nattak
Apply to a FF3us ROM
Header and No Header patches included


The large glass tubes inside the Magitek Factory Laboratory have an issue with two of the background layer 3 tiles, an incorrect palette of $00 being assigned instead of $0C like the rest of the tube's tiles. Palette $00 is reserved for the font color, so whatever color the font is set to, two tiles at the top-right and top-left of the tube would show this same color... so if you set your font color to green, the two tiles will show green as well. This is an obvious mistake and this patch corrects the two tiles' palette in question to be correct. This normally goes unnoticed because with the default font color it doesn't look bad and nothing stands out...but once you go for, say, a nice hot pink font color, it becomes extremely noticeable.

[Image: unik7wr.png]

[Image: tsdEWL9.png]

Thanks to Everything for providing information crucial to fixing this.

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