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Oceanic Line Anomaly Patch

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Title: Oceanic Line Anomaly
Purpose: Cosmetic enhancement
By: Gi Nattak
Apply to a FF3us ROM
Header and No Header patches included


Description: The layer 3 water tiles used for the side of the dock create a constant faint line when placed on top of each other, which becomes quite apparent once the dock tiles are removed during the night-time boat scene with Terra and Leo. It can be a little immersion-breaking. Using one of the other very similar water tiles breaks up the line and you can’t tell any difference when the dock tiles are there.

See the info.txt for offsets effected, important info, and how to go about doing it yourself without this patch if you've used a Level Editor and your tilemap data offset is different.

Do note that all that is changed here is the tilemap data for said map, I didn't use a level editor directly to make this, so no worries about tons of bytes being shifted and recompressed as a result of using/saving with a level editor.
Also, it IS compatible with the C. V. Reynolds Bug-Fix Compilation.

Before (circled in red):

[Image: EtoL1Dw.png]


[Image: qIAFy4f.png]

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I stared at that scene for hours, and never noticed that line.... thanks for the "unsightly brown pixel" 2.0. Laugh

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