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Final Fantasy - Crossing The World

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For five months, I have been working on a new mod, which I want to launch in Spanish and English. 

The objective in this Mod is to change FF6 to create a new world, with different stories, characters and conflicts.

Here is the base story of the mod:

Final Fantasy - Crossing The World (Provisional Title)

Twenty-five years ago, the alliance between Adalbert and Tycoon went to war against the people of Gauss, for dominance of the fertile lands of the world.

Gauss was defeated, being banished from his land along with his servants, the moguris. Having to adapt to a cold and inhospitable environment for life.

Currently, the victorious nations intensely protect their territories, due to the fact that people from Gauss, Moguris and strange creatures try more and more frequently to cross the borders.

• Characters that show various differences between them, telling their life stories that explain their ways of being.
• Struggles for power and territories.
• Necessary consensus between nations to guarantee the survival of humans.

Relevant cities:

Tycoon: Kingdom that privilege the importance of family and good treatment between different nations. Ruled by King Theodore Tycoon, who dominates the soul of Ramuh. Since the loss of his wife in the great war, King Tycoon has lost consciousness of reality and it is said that he has become unable to summon Ramuh.

Archus: People who value the acquisition of knowledge in the field of magic. While Archus has shown his support for Tycoon, the kingdom's wizarding council is often divided on decision-making. It is the border between Adalbert and Tycoon.

Sentinel Tower: Established for order to keep the territories of Tycoon and Adalbert protected from external invaders. Although it is located in Tycoon territory, both Tycoon and Adalbert give resources to the Tower, having autonomy regarding the ways to protect the place.

Adalbert: Kingdom that privilege a practical results and the acquisition of power. Ruled by King Eblan Adalbert, called as the "Ice King", because he did not marry and does not value his only daughter, in addition to dominating the soul of Summon Shiva. the decision not to marry and dominate the soul of the Shiva summon. Although King Eblan is known to have a daughter, he is not interested d in her continuing with his line of succession.

Elves: Viera Kingdom that seeks to be in harmony with the earth. The kingdom of Elves stays away from human conflicts, seeking to be in harmony with the summons.

Gauss: Kingdom that shared territories with Tycoon and Adalbert until the arrival of the "White War" in which its inhabitants were expelled from the continent, erasing its inhabitants from the map. Its citizens sought symmetry between the species and the destruction of titles of nobility.

Playable Characters:

1- Tiamat: Prodigious cadet who grew up in the Sentinel Tower in order to protect the city limits.

Characteristics: Patriot, Stubborn, Protector.

Battle Skills
-His skills focus on protecting his allies.
-His offensive attacks are more effective against beasts.

2- Zegote: Rich White Magician who likes to travel the world and meet different places and people. Although he is known by all as the eldest son of King Teodoro and his direct successor, in the family it is known that Zegote is adopted, which generates conflicts regarding the line of succession.

Characteristics: Diplomatic, Merciful, Persuasive.

Battle Skills
-Use skills associated with white magic.
-He can use bow and arrow to deal a lot of damage to flying targets.

3- Reddas: Youngest daughter of King Teodoro. She is a skilled engineer, able to find solutions to problems quickly. She often has conflicts with her older brother Zegote due to the lack of commitment he shows in family matters.

Characteristics: Analytical, Reckless, Socially Awkward.

Battle Skills:
- Skills associated with the lightning element.
-Able to use a robot armor that increases the parameters of it.

4- Amelia: Survivor of the kingdom of Gauss, belonging to the "other side" of the world, who seeks a way to reverse the terrible fate of people and creatures on her continent.

Characteristics: Sincere, Supportive, Determined.

Battle Skills:
- Dark Knight Skills (Job).

5- Galias: Powerful warrior of the Bangaa tribe, leader of one of Tycoon's battle squads. In the past he was helped by Zegote, who bought him and freed him from slavery.

Characteristics: Impulsive, Inspirational, Hardworking.

Battle Skills:
- Use different skills associated with the Monk (Job).

6- Asthos: One of the main trusted men of King Eblan, in charge of doing "the dirty work" of the kingdom.

Characteristics: Cruel, Pragmatic, Loyal.

Battle Skills: 
-He focuses on causing altered states in his enemies.
-His attacks are more effective against humans.

7- Herois: Woman capable of dominating the beasts, willing to help whoever she needs. She has a phobia of Behemoths due to a traumatic situation she experienced.

Characteristics: Helpful, Shy, Modest.

Battle Skills:
- Able to control beasts.
- Usually attack and counterattack using animals.

8 – Marshe: Young black magician apprentice of Archus, who often impulsively lies about his life and other issues to hide his true identity or try to manipulate. He is obsessed with going on adventures and obtaining magical power.

Characteristics: Carefree, Jovial, Naive.

Battle Skills:
- Black Magic.
- Able to reflect the magic thrown at him.

9- Bronco: Shameless pirate who seeks to make the most of every opportunity that comes his way.

Characteristics: Trickster, Seducer, Opportunist.

Battle Skills:
- His command “Pillage” allows him to execute two actions associated with piracy.
- Bronco demands gil in exchange for performing some offensive actions.

10- Shogun: Skilled warrior and main general of King Eblan Adalbert, known on the battlefield as "The King's Spear".

Characteristics: Noble, Solitary, Efficient.

Battle Skills:
- He is able to use other warriors' techniques after fighting them.
- Dragoon skills.

11- Lilith: Only daughter of King Eblan Adalbert. She keeps herself confined to one of Castle Adalbert's rooms of her own volition. Due to the experiments that her father carried out with her, she suffers from body dysmorphia disorder.

Characteristics: Eccentric, Fearful, Thoughtful.

Battle Skills:
-She can learn skills from beasts.
- Strong against undead enemies.

12- Elfina: Idealistic princess of the spiritist kingdom of Elves who is usually against and openly protests the decisions of her father.

Characteristics: Idealistic, Aggressive, Friendly.

Battle Skills:
- Geomancer skills.

13- Mustad: Old man who served Adalbert's family during past wars. He is currently confined to a cell due to the serious mistakes he made while serving the Adalbert family.

Characteristics: Melancholic, Moderate, Wise.

Battle Skills:
-His “Chemistry” command allows him to consume potions and weapons to create powerful attacks/defenses.

Summons are present in the game and are one of the sources of power in dispute between the kingdoms. Both King Tycoon and Adalbert maintain their dominance over others by being the chosen of Ramuh and Shiva respectively.

In the story, the summons are obtained based on the affinity and characteristics of the protagonists. There are summons that will approach those who are noble, others to those who show solidarity, fighting spirit, cruelty, etc. In addition, most summons must be obtained through battles in which to win you must use a strategy that "impresses" the summon and not just defeat it.

What the mod changes:
- Various sprites.
- Game events (This is the strong point of this mod)
- World map, history and all the characters.
- Skills.

Patches used so far:
Antifreeze Hack: Madsiur
Learnable Rage 2.0: Hadzen08
Random Battle Songs: Madsiur
MMMMMagic 2.0: B-Run
Runic Forever: Hadzen08
Sword Tech Ready Stance 2.0: Hadzen08
FFIV TAY Tileset: Zeemis
Shadow's Stay: Hadzen08
Whip: SSJ Rick
Throwing-Knives: SSJ Rick
Custom Axes Patch: Zeemis
Mog Never Fails Patch: Gi Nattak
Fisherman's Horizon: Emberling
The Landing (no intro): Emberling
Imp's Retort: Leet Sketcher
The Sprites of the Mod: Beyond Chaos
Step Dance: Hadzen08

Development status: 20%
Estimated duration of the mod: 17 hours.
Release date: It is not possible to know exactly, I hope, with great luck, that it will be two years... The English version will take a little longer...

I'm sorry for my English, but it's not my native language...
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Sounds interesting! Good luck with your project!

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